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Tibetan Arts & Culture

Painting and sculpture are the two most representative ones of Tibetan art. Tibetan painting originated from ancient rock paintings. The main content of the rock panting were deer, cow, sheep, horse and other animals, and hunting scenes. During the Tubo Dynasty in Tibet, the painting had been quite developed. Especially after Buddhism was introduced to Tibet, religious painting became popular. Buddhism art keeps and inherits the traditional Tibetan folk still and absorb the cream of Indian, Nepal and China mainland’s arts. Tibetan paintings are mainly stone inscription, wall painting, tangkas and so on. Tibetan sculptures can be divided in to stone carving, wood carving, copper carving and so on.

Tibetan handcrafts has long history and unique characteristics. The handcrafts in Tibet has strong ethnic style and local feature. Carpet in Gangtze, apron in Jiedexiu, Tibetan quilt in Langkazi, wood bowl in Jiacha are very famous Tibetan handcrafts. In this page, you will find more information about Tibetan art and handcrafts in Tibet.