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Tibet Food

The average altitude of Tibet Plateau is above 4000 m. The high elevation, thin air, less precipitation, rich sunshine and high speed wind on the plateau gradually constitutes the unique dietary habits of Tibetan people. Zanba, oil tea, sweet tea, beef and mutton and highland barley wine are the traditional food of them. The traditional cuisine of Tibet is Tibetan cuisine. Visitors travel to Tibet should have a taste. The representative cuisines of Tibetan cuisine are toast muton, beef, zanba, oil tea, highland barley wine and so on. Tibetan cuisine is usually light in flavor. For most cuisine, the seasonings are only salt, green onion and garlic.

For visitors travel to Tibet, they may feel that they can not get used to the Tibetan food. But tourists could choose to taste some special Tibetan food such as barley wine and tea, clutching mutton and beef, cold yak tongue, steamed stuffed bun, zanba, various cakes, sweet tea, tea with milk, yogurt, sausage and dried meat. Most of the restaurant in Tibet now also sell Sichuan cuisines with Tibetan features. Some restaurant also sell western food and perform Tibetan singing and dancing.