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Most Famous Tibet Tourist Destinations

Travel to Tibet, this mythic land, you many wonder where the most famous Tourist Destinations you can choose to visit in Tibet.
Where to Visit in Tibet? Well, except Lhasa, the provincial capital of Tibet, there are also other destinations worth visiting, such as Shingatse, Shannan, Nyingchi, Chamdo, Nagqu and Nagri, are tourist destinations with beautiful natural and wonderful cultural landscapes which you should never miss. In this page, Top China Travel will give you a brief introduction of the Most Famous Tibet Tourist Destinations for your reference.

Lhasa, the Provincial Capital of Tibet

The capital of Tibet Autonomous Region, means 'the Land of Gods' in Tibetan language. As it has sufficient sunshine annually, the city is also reputed as 'the Sunshine City'. It is the center of Tibet's political, economic, cultural and religious activities. 

Famous Attractions in Lhasa

Located on the Red Hill of Lhasa, is originally built by King Songtsen Gampo in the seventh century. The awe-inspiring Potala Palace, perched high above much of Lhasa, is the landmark of the city.

Located at the center of the old Lhasa, is the spiritual center of Tibet. It was also built by Songtsen Gampo in 647 with a history of more than 1,300 years. The temple is the fine architecture combining Han, Tibetan and Nepalese architecture techniques.

The oldest street in a very traditional city of Tibet, is a circular street at the center of Lhasa. It is a place with Tibetan culture, economy, religion and arts.
Meaning monastery of collecting rice, is the largest of all Tibetan monasteries, and used to be the largest monastery of any religion at its peak in the world in history.
The first modern museum in Tibet. It demonstrates a magnificent traditional Tibetan architectural style and reflects a salient feature of modern architectural art.

Shigatse, the Second Largest City in Tibet

Shigatse is the second largest city of Tibet. It is the city most famous as the seat of the Panchen Lama, who has been regarded by Tibetans (except those in Lhasa) to be on equal footing with the Dalai Lama. It connects with three countries: Nepal, Bhutan and Sikkim in the south.

Famous Attractions in Shigatse

The highest mountain in the world with an altitude of 8, 844.43 meters, stands at the south of Tingri County in southern Tibet and at the border of the central Himalayas between China and Nepal, capped with accumulated eternal snow.

Tashilhunpo Monastery
One of the 6 biggest monasteries in Tibet, is the seat of Panchen Lama, who is the second ranking person in the hierarchy of the Gelugpa Tibetan Buddhism.

Located 160 km west of Shigatse, is famed as the "Second Dunhuang" due to its colossal collection of numerous Tibetan Buddhist scriptures, murals and Thangkas.
Located at the north slope of Mount Everest, is an ideal spot to view Mount Everest and take pictures of Mount Everest and the base camp for climbers of Mount Everest. 
Borders Nepal to the south, is mild and humid because of its subtropical climate. As a port, Zhangmu is always crowded with tourists and businessmen in various of skin-color.

Shannan, the Granary of Tibet

Shannan region, the granary of Tibet, attracts numerous Chinese and foreign tourists with its ancient cultural heritage. It is the birthplace of Tibetan Culture. And the cultural and economic center, Tsedang, is highly recommended for religious people to travel. 


Famous Attractions in Shannan

Samye Monastery 
The first Buddhist monastery in Tibet which was built in the 8th century. It is famous for its sacred mandala design: the central temple symbolizes the legendary Mount Meru, center of the universe.
One of the earliest Buddhist temples in Tibet, was built by King Songtsan Gampo and later became the winter palace of Songtsan Gampo and Princess Wencheng in Tsedang.
Yamdrok Lake 
One of the three largest sacred lakes in Tibet. According to the local mythology, Yamdrok Lake is the transformation of a goddess in Tibet.

The first palace in Tibet, was built for the first Tibetan King by Bon believers in the 2nd century.

Nyingchi, the Switzerland of Tibet

Nyingchi means "the Grand Seat of the Sun" in the language of Tibetan. The city is in the embrace of these three mountain ranges, a considerable allotment of lakes, glaciers and waterfalls make the region chock full of breathtaking natural wonders. Since 2002, there will be Peach Cultural Tourism Festival in Nyingchi every year during the peach blossom season. The best time to enjoy the beautiful peach blossom is from March to April.


Famous Attractions in Nyingchi

Basum Lake
A crescent surrounded by mountain ranges and lush trees, like an emerald embedded in a valley with an altitude of 3,538 meters. As the holy lake of Red Sect, there are thousands of adherents flood here to worship each year.
Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon
The canyon of the highest river, the Yarlung Zangbo River. The river runs through a narrow passage between the two 7,000-meter high peaks, Namjagbarwa and Jialabailei, forming the deepest, narrowest and longest canyon in the world which stretches 496 km long and averages over 5,000 m deep.


Chamdo, the Oldest Inhabitance for Tibetans

Chamdo is the oldest inhabitance for the people in Tibet. There are many ancient monasteries, murals and sculptures that have been left in the name of Tibetan Buddhism. Splendid sacred mountains and holy lakes are also scattered throughout the prefecture.

Famous Attractions in Nyingchi

An ancient pathway for international trade in the ancient times, through the Chinese hinterlands and the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. It stretched across more than 4,000km, mainly through Sichuan in the Southwest of China, Yunnan and Tibet.
Known as "Prince Snow Mountain", Mount Meili is the most sacred mountain in the world. It is also one of the eight sacred mountains the Tibetans worship.

The largest lake in southeast of Tibet. It is an attraction perfectly blending of the Swiss Alps snow peaks, glaciers and the streams.

Nagqu, the Largest Prefecture in Tibet

Nagqu, located at the northern part of Tibet, is a natural farmland because of the vast grassland. It has established itself as one of the most important political and economic center of Tibet.

Famous Attractions in Nagqu

The second largest salt lake in China. With an elevation of 4,718 meters, it is also the highest altitude salt lake in the world. Furthermore, it is also a holy lake in Tibet which attracts amounts of people to worship each year.

One of the five biggest pastures in China, it is a paradise for the wild animals and plants.

Ngari, the Ridge of the World's Ridges

Ngari, located at the west part of Tibet, is the site that Kailas Range meets the Himalayas Range with an average altitude of 4500 m. It is the perfect setting for exploring the magical beauty of this unexplainable land.

Famous Attractions in Nagri

It is said to be the highest ancient kingdom located on the ridge of Tibet with a history over 1000 years.
The sacred mountain in Tibet and it means "Precious Jewel of Snow" in Tibetan language meaning. It is the highest peak in the massive Gangdise Mountain Range with an altitude over 6,600 m.

The highest fresh-water lake in the world with an altitude of 4,556 m. It is a sacred lake and a place of pilgrimage, attracting religious people from Tibet, India, Nepal, and the other neighboring countries every year.

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