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China Tibet Tourism Bureau

China Tibet Tourism Bureau, established in 1986, is a national department level administration directly under Tibet Autonomous Region People's Government, . It is a functional government department managing the tourism industry of Tibet.

Main Functional Departments of Tibet Tourism Bureau

  • The Office
  • Market Development Department
  • Industry Management Department
  • Planning and Finance Audit Office
  • Political Work and Department of Personnel
  • Tourism Quality Supervision and Management Institution

Bureau Party Committee, the discipline inspection group, training centers, offices and other business logistics service center are situated at Political Work and Department of Personnel Office. There are 7  enterprises directly under the bureau: Lhasa Hotel, Tibet Hotel Tibet Tourism Corporation, Tibet tourism Motor Company, Tibet Tourism Development Corporation, Tibet Travel Commerce Services Company and Camphor Hotel.

Main Duties of Tibet Tourism Bureau

1. Implement the regulations, industry standards and norms of the national tourism administration ; draft regional tourism development goals and policies; study and formulate long-term tourism development plan and annual plan, and organize the implementation; responsible for the whole tourism in the area of statistics and internal audit work.
2. Study and promote the reform of the region's tourism system, together with cultivating relevant departments and developing tourism market.
3. Together with relevant departments to develop and use tourism resources; responsible for organizing the publicity of region's major tourism and important promotional activities.
4. Responsible for the region's tourism industry management; centralize approval immigration operations of tours (company); organize tourist hotel star ratings; connnect with relevant departments to coordinate, manage tourism transportation, guide and supervise the production and sales of tourism products and tourism entertainment job; tourism service quality supervision and inspection, maintain tourism market order; handle domestic and foreign tourists complaints and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of tourists.
5. Responsible jointly with relevant departments for local tourist visa; supervise and manage the region's international and domestic travel agency, guide Travel Industry Association's work.
6. Guide the region's tourism education and training.
7. Guide the ideological and political work and spiritual civilization of the tourism industry.

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