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Ranwu Lake


Ranwu County, 201 Provincial Rd, Baxiu, Chamdo, Tibet

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The largest lake in Southeast Tibet

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The Ranwu Lake is a perfect blending of the Swiss Alps snow peaks and glaciers and the streams in Jiuzhaigou Valley. Ranhu Lake, the largest lake in southeast of Tibet, is in the Village of Ran about 90km from the Baiba Town neighboring the Nyingchi Prefecture. The lake, 3,800m above the sea level, has a water area of 22 square kilometers.


The Ranwu Lake is surrounded by many scenic spots such as the Gangrigabu Snow Mountain in the southwest, the Azhagongla Glacier in the south and the Bosula Peak in the northeast. The melted snow and ice supply the lake with sufficient water and are the source of many rivers such as Yaluzhangbu. The green grassland around the lake, the sky-blue lake water and the white snow mountains constitute a very pretty watercolor. The Amucuo Lake shrinks westwards and finally became a river valley. Its water takes on different colors in different seasons of a year and the water surface is dotted with isles or reefs.


Many of the peaks surrounding Ranwu Lake are over 5, 000m high and thus permanently locked with glaciers. The foot of these peaks, however, is green with pines and cypresses. Ranwu Lake is especially womanish and tranquil in the arms of the peaks, whose beauty goes beyond words. The browsing herds of cattle and sheep, the barley paddy, bean and cabbage field form an oil painting that can be seen no elsewhere.

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