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How to Plan a Trip to Luoyang

Reading Guideline:

Why to Visit Luoyang

Luoyang Ancient City: Luoyang has built its name as “ancient capital with over one thousand years, city of peony”, famous for Longmen Grottoes, and White Horse Temple.

Luoyang History: Luoyang is an ancient civilized city with a history of several thousand years, reputed as one of the Four Ancient Capitals, since 13 dynasties had used it as the capital. Luoyang is located in the central China, which is the birthplace of China civilization, and has tremendous relics.

Luoyang Highlights: Luoyang has four sites listed as World Heritage, like Longmen Grottoes, and six ancient capital sites.

Luoyang City Flower: Peony is the city flower of Luoyang, with thousands of years of plantation, and so loved by Empress Wu Zetian that it had been in its full flourish. Since then, Peony is widely loved by Chinese. And now The Peony Culture Festival of Luoyang China is held every year in April in Luoyang since 1983, and tourists can see various beautiful peonies in this festival.

Luoyang Location: Luoyang is located in Henan Province, close to Xi'an, Zhengzhou, Taiyuan, Datong, and Beijing.


 Best Places to Visit in Luoyang

Longmen Grottoes(龙门石窟), listed as World Heritage, is an art treasury of stone carvings AND Buddhism art in China, located in Luolong district, Luoyang, and carved out of Mountain Longmen and Mountain Xiangshan. Longmen Grottoes is first built in the 5th century, completed after over 400 years, consists of two parts, Xishan and Dongshan, and it has over 2,000 grottoes with more than 10,000 sculptures of Buddhists and 2,800 stone inscriptions. Xishan Grottoes(西山石窟) is the essence of Longmen Grottoes, with Fengxian Temple(奉先寺) and Guyang Cave (古阳洞)as the best.

White Horse Temple(白马寺) is a Buddhism temple with a history of over 1900 years, first built in 68 AD to house Buddhism scriptures,  marked it as the first official temple of Buddhism. It gets its name from white horses carrying those scriptures to China from India. White Horse Temple covers an area of 40,000 square meters, and has stone archway, two stone horses, Qiyun Pagoda(齐云塔) several buildings and over 40 stele inscriptions.

Shaolin Temple(少林寺) is located in Dengfeng, about 60 kilometers away from  Luoyang. Shaolin Temple is an ancient Buddhist temple, listed as World Heritage, famous for its great significance in China Buddhism, Shanlin Kung fu created by Shaolin monks, ancient Buddhism buildings and pagoda forest.

Mount Songshan(嵩山), is located in Dengfeng, about 70 kilometers away form Luoyang. Mount Songshan, one of the Five Famous Mountains in China, has 72 peaks, with the highest peak of 1512 meters. It enjoys its name as the birthplace of Chanzong, a school of Buddhism in China, and the sacred place of Taoism. In this mountain, a group of religious buildings are listed as World Heritage. Moreover, Mount Songshan has great, splendid mountain scenery, which attracts millions of tourists to come here.


 What to Pack for Luoyang Tour

Must Bring:

Passport, tourist visa, credit card, mobile phone or other electronics , notes of emergency contact, & numbers of emergency calls

Don’t forget:

book a flight, or a train, and maybe book yourself a hotel according to your itinerary.

What to pack:

Clothes, medicine, umbrella, sunglass, flashlight, whistle

Be aware:

no lighter and knife on flight.

Clothes in different seasons:

Spring and Autumn: sweater, coat, long sleeve shirts, trousers, sneakers

Summer: T-shirt, shorts, sunglasses, hat, sandal, slipper

Winter: down jacket, beanie, mittens, boots.

Luoyang Weather Notes: Luoyang is located in the middle of China, 34°N /112°E,  and in the west of Henan province,. It has a hot summer, and a cold, dry winter. December, January and February are cold months, and its cold temperature could be -10℃ to -8℃(14℉-17.6℉). June, July and August happen to be hot summer days, with a temperature around 33℃(91℉). It has a mild temperature in Spring and Autumn days. Please check Luoyang Climate &  Weather.

How to Get to Luoyang

Luoyang has one airport, two railway stations and several bus stations for passenger use.

By flight. Luoyang Beijiao Airport is located in Mengjin county, about 19 kilometers to Luoyang downtown and 45 minutes of driving. Major cities in China have direct flights to Luoyang.

To Luoyang Beijiao Airport

  Beijing Shanghai Guangzhou Hangzhou Chongqing Urumqi
Duration 01:50 02:10 02:20 02:05 01:40 03:50

By train. Luoyang Railway Station and  Luoyang Longmen Railway Station are the two used for passenger, Luoyang Railway Station is close to the Luoyang downtown, 15 kilometers away from Longmen Grottoes. Luoyang Longmen Railway Station is the one most high speed trains use, 11 kilometers away from Longmen Grottoes.

High speed train to Luoyang Longmen Railway Station

  Beijing Shanghai Xi’an Guangzhou Chongqing Chengdu Hangzhou
Duration 3.5-4.5 h 5.5-6 h 1.5-2 h 7-7.5 7.5 5.5-6.5 h 5-6 h
Second seat price/CNY 368 512.5 174.5 696.5 583.5 437.5 496.5

Cities to Luoyang: Xian to Luoyang, Zhengzhou to Luoyang, Beijing to Luoyang, Taiyuan to Luoyang, Datong to Luoyang

When to Visit Luoyang/ Best Time to Visit Luoyang

The best time to visit Luoyang is in spring and autumn, especially April to May and September to November. Summer days may be too hot and Winter days could be cold.

April, May, September, November
  • weather is cool,
  • April-May, do not miss Peony Culture Festival.
  • September, November, good natural light to see Longmen Grottoes.
June, July, & August
  • hot but good for a hike to Mount Songshan
December, January & February
  • snow mountain scenery


How Long to Stay in Luoyang

How Many Days in Luoyang/ How Many Days Luoyang Needed

One day tour Longmen Grottoes & White Horse Temple
Two day tour Longmen Grottoes, White Horse Temple, Shaolin Temple, Mount Songshan


►This does not count your arrival time and departure time.

►The above attractions are essence of Luoyang, if you have much more time, and want a deep Luoyang tour, you may go to see other attractions and hang around in the downtown.


Where to Stay in Luoyang

  • Close to the center: Hotels around Luoyang Railway Station, Old Street, & Lijing Gate.
  • Close to attractions: Hotels around Longmen Grottoes,  & White Horse Temple.

Getting around in Luoyang/ Luoyang City Transport

►Taxi: available in anywhere & anytime

►Public bus: lots of buses shuttling around the city.

No. 83 public bus could bring you from Luoyang Airport to Luoyang Railway Station.

No. 56 are from Luoyang Railway Station to White Horse Temple and Luoyang Old Street.

No. 81 public buses from Luoyang Railway Station to Longmen Grottoes.


Quick Q & A about Luoyang Tour

What is Luoyang famous for?

An ancient city with Longmen Grottoes and White Horse Temple

What are the best places in Luoyang?

Longmen Grottoes, White Horse Temple, Shaolin Temple, Mount Songshan

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What to do in Luoyang?

Visit Longmen Grottoes, White Horse Temple, Shaolin Temple, Mount Songshan

Hang around in the Luoyang Old Street

Eat Luoyang local food and snacks, like Water Feast, and peony cake

Watch Kong Fu Show in Shaolin Temple & watch Shaolin Zen Music Ritual

Enjoy Peony Culture Festival(April-May

Practice Taiji or Kong Fu

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What to Eat in Luoyang?

Luoyang Water Feast(洛阳水席), especially Peony Swallow Dish(牡丹燕菜)

Soup with Pepper(胡辣汤)

Mutton Soup(羊肉汤)

Beef Soup(牛肉汤)

Bufan Soup(不翻汤)

Peony Cake(牡丹饼)

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Where to Eat & Buy in Luoyang?

Luoyang Old Street( address: Zhongzhou east road, Laocheng district,Luoyang/洛阳老城区中州东路)

Does the entrance ticket of Luoyang Longmen Grottoes include tour guide service?

No, the entrance ticket does not cover tour guide service. 150 yuan for hiring an English-speaking tour guide, and 240 for a senior English-speaking tour guide.

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When does Kong Fu Show in Shaolin Temple start?

Everyday, there are several Kong Fu Shows, and the time table is listed as bellow: 9:30-10:00(Summer only), 10:30-11:00, 11:30-12:00, 14:00-14:30, 15:00-15:30, 16:00-16:30. 17:00-17:30(Summer only).

Notes for Solo Travelers

Easy to go. Travelling on your own in Xi’an won’t be a problem to you, in that  you will find modern facilities and English-speaking staff to meet you need.

English will do. Airport, railway station, metro use both Chinese and English signs, attractions has English-speaking tour guide.

Smart phone, big helper. Most staff on flights, trains, and in hotels, stores and restaurants can speak English, still body language, and smart phone will do you a big favor.

Useful apps. Google Maps or Baidu Map, Google Translate or Youdao Translate.

VPN. VPN is what you need to browse some foreign websites and log in some foreign apps。

If online booking of flight, train, attraction entrance ticket won’t work, please go to the ticket office.

If you are in need of a single tour service, like car rental, please contact us. We offer tour packages, and also single tour service.