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Where to Eat in Luoyang

While you are travelling in Luoyang, you may want to find tour where to eat in Luoyang to taste the local cuisine. Here TCT would like to introduce some famous snacks street for you to explore.

Luoyang Old Street-Historical Cultural Street

Before liberation, north, south, east, and west four streets constitute the old basic pattern in Luoyang. Old market also called Luoyang old street, old street starts at Lijing Gate in the west up to Drum Tower in the east, and the central part is called the cross street. The center of the old city is basically the cross street. Old street culture formed in the AD 1214, Old Street was built in the east old site of Sui dynasty and Tang dynasty, it has a history of more than 3050 years. Old Street is the epitome of the history and culture of Luoyang city, Lijing Gate, Octagon House, Writing Brush Peak, Drum Tower, such buildings stand tall, recording the glory days of the ancient city of Luoyang. The cross street is a center for Luoyang snacks. If people travel Luoyang can come here to taste snacks of Luoyang, and experience local life here.

West Street

One of the most famous snack streets in Luoyang is the west street in Luoyang old city. West street is the essence of the old city of Luoyang, the ancient streets full of ethnic customs, featured delicacies and shopping and modern entertainment facilities, where can meet the needs of various people. If you place yourself here, you can fully feel the portrait of thousands history of Luoyang city. Road here is not capacious, but it has the history of the city of Luoyang since Sui and Tang dynasties.
Famous Snacks Streets in Luoyang-West Street

South Street

Standing in north of Xinghua Street and face the south, on both sides of the South Street standing lots of stores, very crowded. After nightfall, the South Street, beef or mutton soup shop, bean curd soup shop stimulate the taste buds of the people. Walking from the South Street to the North Street through the intersection to enter Xinghua Street, this more than 100 meters long street is a famous snack street of Luoyang night market.

According to old people Yuan Zhiheng, old South Street had many trading companies, traded varieties of goods. According to the scholars Zheng Zhenfu written "General History of Luoyang”: during the period of Qing dynasty and the early years of the republic of China, Luoyang trading companies focused on the sales area from west to Yandiankou, east to the Small Stone Bridge, lined with shops along the way. More than 300 years ago, here is the place for party, doing business, accommodation for Shanxi, Shaanxi merchants.

Xinghua Street

Old city Xinghua Street is a food court, 160 meter long street is filled with all kinds of flavor food stand, like Bufan soup, water feast, dough made with boiling water, grilled chicken, Shanghai plain noodle and rice dumplings, Guangzhou wonton, shaomai, and Xinjiang kebabs, Sichuan spicy hot soup, and so on.
Famous Snacks Streets in Luoyang-Xinghua Street

Octagon House Gold Street

Octagon House Gold Street is located in the old city of intersection of Zhongzhou road and Xinghua Street, the project covers an area of about 16000 square meters. It is an area combines large supermarket, clothing, furniture, catering, entertainment, culture as a theme commercial pedestrian street. The entire business district has urban pedestrian mall, features small, and 5000 square meters of underground parking garage, etc., including commercial pedestrian street is given priority to with popular brand clothing, diving into sports, children and leisure, and home furnishing four theme streets, and household, catering, entertainment, antique, tourist goods area, etc.
Famous Snacks Streets in Luoyang-Octagon House Gold Street

Eating in Luoyang

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