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Where to Stay in Lijiang

Lijiang is the ideal destination for nature lovers and anyone interested in ancient people groups and their customs. Lijiang is located within the northwest part of Yunnan Province, in the southeastern part of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and the northwestern part of Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau. 
Lijiang includes the heritage site of Lijiang Ancient City as well as picturesque nearby surroundings. Among many Lijiang attractions, Lijiang Ancient City is the most famous. In 1998, Lijiang Ancient City was inscribed into the World Heritage List by the World Heritage Commission of the UNESCO.

Generally speaking, Lijiang Ancient City refers to three old towns, Lijiang Old Town (Dayan Old Town), Shuhe Ancient Town and Baisha Old Town.
♦ Lijiang Old Town (Dayan Old Town)
Lijiang Old Town also known as Dayan town, it is located in the middle of Lijiang dam, Dayan ancient town is a town with strong cultural atmosphere, under the bright sunshine, there will always be the shuffling elderly Naxi old man leisurely stroll around, they dressed in indigo blue ethnic clothes, wearing the octagonal cap of red army period. Dayan ancient city is a city without walls, only smooth and clean green flag road, completely hand-built dwelling housing structure, ubiquitous Bridges.
 Lijiang Ancient Town

♦ Shuhe Ancient Town
Shuhe Ancient Town, situated in Lijiang core parts of the scenic area, is a key place of visiting to Lijiang Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, Lugu Lake. From the old town of Lijiang heading to north along the sea on the east side of Zhongji Sea for four kilometers, you can see villages in the both sides at the foot of the mountain, this is known as the hometown of spring Shuhe Ancient Town. Shuhe ancient town is one of the earliest settlements of Naxi people in Lijiang Bazi, is also an important market town preserved in the ancient tea-horse road.
 Shuhe Ancient Town

♦ Baisha Old Town
Baisha Old Town located about 10 km to the north of Lijiang city, close to the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain in the north, south to Dragon Spring, and west to Zhishan Mountain. Baisha old town has a lot of fascinating things, like the same bridges and flowing stream, the same blue sky, like the warm sunshine as Lijiang. And it is quiet what Lijiang old town do not own, thousands of years here keeps the traditional Naxi people traditional way of life and work. Sitting down in the frontage, warm sunshine shining in the body, you can see the street is full of a flock of caravan, carrying the charcoal content down from the mountain and the dark skin Naxi farmers following the caravan show that simple and honest smile; two plough cattle paralleled slowly walking on old street, and diligent and kind-hearted Naxi women are carrying bundles of wood back to home.
 Baisha Mural

♦ Recommended Hotels/ Hostels
► Crowne Plaza Lijiang Ancient Town (Rank: Deluxe Hotels )
Address: 276 Xianghe Road, Old Town District, Lijiang
Direction: Guan Fang Hotel is 2 km to Lijiang Ancient Town and 30 km to the airport.
Town is an ideal hub for conferences and meetings and is equipped with impressive business-friendly facilities, multimedia visual systems, telecommunication systems and a series of Successful Meeting products. Crowne Plaza is a glorious 5-star hotel with comfortable environment to guests. The hotel's architecture and interiors reflect strong influences from the unique Naxi/Dongba culture with a hint of contemporary touches woven strategically into selected public areas. Crowne Plaza Lijiang Ancient
Attraction nearby:
Jade Dragon Snow Mountain (0.4 miles/ 5 mins)
Lijiang Old Town (0.5 miles/ 6 mins)
Qiyi Road (0.6 miles/ 8mins)
Lion Mountain (0.9 miles/ 11 mins)
► Lijiang Guanfang Hotel(Rank: Deluxe Hotels )
Address: The south end of Shangri-La Street
Direction: Guan Fang Hotel is 3 km to Lijiang Ancient Town and 35 km to the airport.
Lijiang Guanfang Hotel is the first 5 star Hotel in Yunnan built in 1999. It is the flagship hotel of Guangfang Group. The hotel is located in business and government road in Lijiang City, and is just 10 minutes by walking to the World Heritage Lijiang Old Town. It is also surrounded by Seven Stars Shopping Street.
Attraction nearby:
► Lijiang Yinxianggucheng Wenyuan Hotel (Rank: First Class Hotel )
Address:8 Guangyi Street, Lijiang Ancient Town
Direction: Distance from Centre of city 0 Km, from the airport 28 Km, from the railway station 3 Km.
Lijiang Yinxianggucheng Wenyuan Hotel sits in the center of this Lijiang Ancient Town and is the only four-star hotel there. The hotel richly contains the cultures of Naxi nationality. The Learned Center is integrated with the ancient city itself and consists of the Inscription Hall, the Yard of Winding Path, the Yard of Poem, the Yard of Lanyuegu, the garden, the Food Mansion and the Tea house. Each of the seven is an independent yard of the Naxi nationality style and yet they are also inter-linked, thus being blended into one harmonious whole part of the ancient city.
Attraction nearby:
It is in the ancient town, Sifang Square, Mufu Palace
► Lijiang Sanhe Hotel (Rank:Standard Hotel )
Address:4 Jishan Lane, Guangyi Street, Lijiang Ancient Town 674100
Direction: 30kms to the Airport
Sanhe Hotel of the Lijiang Ancient Town is a minority stylized cultural hotel that designed in Naxi courtyard style, the major building is a typical three-housing-one-screening construction which was built in 1948. It is the best and biggest building that has been completely preserved. The Sanhe Hotel is located in the golden region of Lijiang Old Downtown. As a historical cultural hotel, the hotel is in Chinese-style, the main building is one of the biggest, and most style integrated buildings in the Lijiang Old Downtown.
Attraction nearby:
Lijiang Old Town
Three Pagodas
Mufu Palace
Sifang Square

♦ Recommended Lijiang Tour: 3 Days Best Lijiang Tour(Attractions: Jade Dragon Sown Mountain, Yufeng Temple, Lijiang Old Town)