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Best Places to visit in Guiyang

Best places to visit in Guiyang are famous attractions such as Jiaxiu Pavilion, Hongfu Temple, Qianling Park, Qingyan Ancient Town. These attractions are natural scene and historical sites with ethnic characters. Now, please travel with Top China Travel to explore the charming Guiyang.

Jiaxiu Pavilion

Sitting on a huge rock in the Nanming River in the southern part of Guiyang, Jiaxiu Pavilion is first built in the 26th year in the reign of Wanli in the Ming Dynasty (1598). Jiaxiu Pavilion got its names since the builder believed that people in Guiyang are the finest and most talented under heaven that is the internal meaning of Jiaxiu in Chinese.

Jiaxiu Pavilion is a magnificent three-storied building 20-meter-high with three eaves and a pointed top, containing carved windows and red lattices and upturned eaves on all sides. In Jiaxiu Pavilion, you can enjoy the rich collection of stone engravings, calligraphy works, paintings and woodworks by ancient artists. Among them, there is a long antithetical couplet with 206 characters written by a member of the Imperial Academy from Guiyang, which has 26 more characters than that one in Daguan Pavilion in Kunming, which claims to be the longest one in the world.


Hongfu Temple

Hongfu Temple is in Qianling Park, which is situated in the northwest of Guiyang, Guizhou Province. There are three halls with several jade Buddha statues in the temple. Besides these superb halls, the temple is also adorned with galleries, pools, and springs, which are of high artistic value.
There are three halls with several jade Buddha statues in the temple. The architectural style is magnificent and venerable. Over the past 300 years the temple has undergone several rebuilds, repairs and enlargements and is now a very well preserved example of its kind. As the largest Buddhist temple in Guizhou Province it has been declared a key cultural relic and has been open to the public since 1983.


Qianling Park

Qianling Park in Guiyang is named after Mt. Qianling. In the park, there are tall ancient trees, limpid springs, oddly shaped rocks and towering mountains. As one of the noted gardens on the Guizhou plateau, it boasts clear waters, green mountains, tranquil forests and old temples.

Qianling Lake was man-made by the damming of Daluo Spring in 1954. Since 1999 when the project of clearing up the silt in the lake was completed, it has an area of 35 hectares with clearer water and a steadfast dam. A crystalline surface mirrors the green and gentle willows and the surrounding pavilions that are ornately decorated and finely built.


Qingyan Ancient Town

As an ancient town, covering an area of 741 acres, Qingyan Ancient Town was originally built in 1378. Nowadays, because of its long history and strong cultural atmosphere, Qingyan Ancient Town has become an attractive destination for numerous domestic and foreign tourists. You can see spectacular city walls built right on the cliffs with vast rocks, which divided Qingyan Ancient Town into inner and outer towns.
The old town covers 3 square kilometers and follows the style of Ming and Qing dynasty. Some inside structure is also preserved well up to present. It includes nine temples, eight joss houses, five pavilions, three caves, two ancestral halls, one palace and one yard, 30 in total. Such age-old buildings are characterized by majesty vigor and wonderful craftwork, which will make tourists acclaim as the peak of perfection.
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