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Qianlingshan Scenic Area


No.117 Zaoshan Road, Yunyan District, Guiyang, Guizhou Province.

Reasons to visit

Top 1 mountain in the south of Guizhou Province.

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Opening Hours

  • 6:30a.m.~10:00p.m.
Qianling Scenic Area in Guiyang is named after Mt. Qianling. In the park, there are tall ancient trees, limpid springs, oddly shaped rocks and towering mountains. As one of the noted gardens on the Guizhou plateau, it boasts clear waters, green mountains, tranquil forests and old temples. It is also home to macaques and various kinds of birds. Visitors can climb the mountain along the winding path to Hongfu Temple, which is the most famous attraction in Qianling Park. You could have a panoramic view of Guiyang city on the mountaintop inside the park.
Qianling Lake was man-made by the damming of Daluo Spring in 1954. Since 1999 when the project of clearing up the silt in the lake was completed, it has an area of 35 hectares with clearer water and a steadfast dam. A crystalline surface mirrors the green and gentle willows and the surrounding pavilions that are ornately decorated and finely built. On its western bank stands a memorial for the martyrs who died during the war of liberation of Guizhou Province. Every Tomb-Sweeping Day, thousands of people go there to worship the fallen heroes.
Hongfu Temple

Main Attractions

It was founded in the eleventh year of Qing emperor Kangxi (1672). Temple towering palace with rigorous layout, resplendent and magnificent ancient buildings covered by the trees and the shade, the whole temple is particularly magnificent and solemn seriousness.
【Nine winding path】
It is the mountain path to Hongfu Temple, built in Kangxi 27th years (1688). The path built according to the mountain elevation and terrain, passing by nine steep turn in zigzag to the beginning of Hongfu temple entrance, therefore calls "Nine winding" stony path leading to a secluded spot, with shade alongside the path. And there are many human landscapes along the way from time to time and the macaques in the roadside begging for food, which add more interest for tourists.
【Kylin Cave】
Inside the Kylin Cave there is a giant bell emulsion look as Kylin (Ancient China Dragon), called Kylin Cave in ancient time. As early as in 1530, before the cave there was built temple "Baiyi temple". And a stone across the Kylin Cave in distance is Tanquan Spring which is famous scenery for the past. But now it is the provincial cultural relic protection unit and the city of patriotism education base.

【Qianling Lake】
Qianling Lake was constructed by barrage in 1954, lake area of 28 acres. In 1999, the city government increased spending on park construction, completed the lake dredging engineering to make the lake storage capacity much larger, and the water is clearer. The pleasure-boats are scattered in the lake. The natural beauty of lakes and mountains are delightful and peace.
Qianling Park
【The Macaques Garden】
The Macaques Garden was built in the 1930s, originally built on the Chinese and western style, including the conference room, guest houses, etc. After the liberation, here once as a temporary office space of Guiyang city people's government. In 1985, the government invested to the renovation and demolition of the old hostel, placed with characteristic of Chinese classical garden style gallery and the region south of the Yangtze River style pavilions for visitors to rest and enjoy. In the later time, the park becomes the wild macaques free-range scientific research field, and form a rare monkey landscape.

Located in the range of high mountains park, the zoo in Qianling Park is a natural garden of breeding, researching, exploring the mysteries of wildlife. It is founded in 1958, covers an area of 7.55 hectares, and the terrain is relatively flat. Outside the zoo, the green hills encircle the park, charactering a fine spring day. Here has become the important part in ecological protection of majority of tourists and teenagers for entertainment and popular science propaganda.


1. The Qianling Lake although is artificial lake, it is still beautiful and it is the hottest place for summer resort.
2. After going into the gate turn left, there is cableway directly heading to Daluo Mountain, the older people can consider taking it.
3. There are many macaques along the Nine Winding Path, tourists can buy food for them and the food for money is just 1 RMB.
4. Even in the holidays there still are many people. Recommending going there in or after the rain, it will give you a special feeling walking in the rain.

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