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Famous Landmarks in Dunhuang

Famous Landmarks in Dunhuang are considered the Name Card of Dunhuang, like the Mogao Grottoes and Yangguan Pass. They are also the most famous attractions in Dunhuang. Please come with TopChinaTravel to witness and appreciate those famous Dunhuang Landmarks.

Mogao Grottoes
Famous Landmarks in Dunhuang
Mogao Grottoes are located precipice at on the east foot of the Mingsha Hill. First dug in 366 A.D., Mogao Grottoes is one of three noted grottoes in China for its fabulous frescos and statues. And in December 1987the Mogao Grottoes have been included into the Lisr of the World Cultural Heritages by the UNESCO.
The painted clay figures and the murals in Mogao Caves came into being at the same time. The ensuing thousand years witnessed their recreation, perfection as well as absorption of the merits of western ancient arts from India, Greece, and Iran etc on the national basis. It has become a brilliant pearl in the Chinese art treasure troves.

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Yangguan Pass
Famous Landmarks in Dunhuang
Yangguan Pass, also known as the Southern Pass, sitting 75 kilometers southwest of Dunhuang, was originally built by Emperor Wu as one of two most important passes protecting in the Hang Dynasty. The other one is the Great Wall of Han Dynasty
The Yangguan Pass was the important pass on the Southern Way of Silk Road, and the significant gateway connecting Central China and Western Regions. Today, the Yangguan Pass is the vital part of the Silk Road culture, and one of the representative relics of China Great Wall culture.
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Crescent Spring and Singing Sand Dune
 Famous Landmarks in Dunhuang
starts from Mogao Grottoes in the east. Mingsha (whistling sands) Hill and Crescent Spring scenic spots are 7 kilometers away from downtown Dunhuang. The dune is with an elegant shape. When people slide down along the slopes, a sound will be heard, hence the name.
Singing Sand Dune (Mingsha Hill) is piled up with sand in five colors of red, yellow, green, black and white. The so-called singing sand does not sing by itself, but creates singing sound when people tread or slide on the surface of the sand.
Crescent Spring is at the northern foot of the Mingsha Hill and is 118 meters from east to west and 25 meters from south to north. The water is fove meters deep. The crescent-like lake is surrounded by the sand but never buried by it.  
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