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The hulus (葫芦丝pinyin: húlúsī),known as cucurbit flute or bottle gourd silk in west, is a free reed wind traditional Chinese instrument. It is most popular among the ethnic group people living in Yunnan and the nearby provinces in southwest China, especially among the Dai people. The word hulu is simply meaning gourd and si means silk, representing the unique sound of hulus is as soft and beautiful as a quality silk. 
Hulus normally has two or three pipes made of bamboo which pass through a gourd wind chest, the center pipe having finger holes is the main pipe. Given it is easy to learn, Hulus has gained popular among tourists both domestic and overseas.
Classical Works
《Moonlight under of Phoenix Tail Bamboo》(月光下的凤尾竹), it was also a movie melody from a popular movie in 1957 called《Lusheng Love Song》(芦笙恋歌)
《The Wedding Vow》(婚誓)
《Peacocks and Phoenix Tail Bamboo》(金孔雀和凤尾竹)
《Lusheng Love Song》(芦笙恋歌)
《Deep in Bamboo Forest》(竹林深处)
《The Butterfly Spring》(蝴蝶泉边)