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China, Mesopotamia ancient Egypt, ancient India are regarded as home of drum. As a traditional percussion instrument, drum occupies a prominent place in Chinese culture. According to the ancient literature, it might as old as Chinese history itself.

The existing earliest documentation of its application occurs in Oracle Inscriptions of the Shang Dynasty (1600BC-1100BC). As an old and wonderful form of art, the drum has been employed in almost every aspect of Chinese social life, including sacrificial and worshiping ceremonies, farming, and warfare.

Chinese drum

During its development, Chinese drum performance arts have undergone many regional as well as ethnic variations. As a result, today they produce different visual impacts and bring to the viewers different senses of beauty. Some are masculine, giving off a sense of invincible mighty, and some are more delicate with nimble and graceful dancing steps. When traditional Chinese festival arriving, drum is an essential festival element, some performers will play the drum to celebrate the festival.