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Morin Khuur

The Morin Khuur (马头琴pinyin:mǎ tóu qín), also known as the horse head fiddle, is a traditional Mongolian stringed instrument which very popular among the Mongolian people in north China. It is the most loved and iconic musical instruments of the Mongol people.The origin of Morin Khuur goes that once a Wrangler ‘s favorite colt was dead, in memory of his colt, he made an instrument with its body, the pillar was made of its shank and the two strings are made of its tail fur, and the head was carved into the form of the colt’s head. That is believed to be a first Morin Khuur.

Morin khuur
The Morin Khuur went common among ordinary people during the Genghis Khan’s time, and according to the record made by Marco Polo, it was performed in the emperor royalty band in Ming and Qing dynasty. Today, the Morin Khuur is one of the Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity identified by UNESCO.
Classical Works
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