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9 Lucky Things to Do for Chinese New Year

How to get a lucky Chinese New Year? Chinese people believe that there are specific things to do during Chinese Lunar New Year, in order to bring in good fortune, prosperity and happiness. No matter what your Chinese New Year animal is, the following 9 lucky things to do for Chinese New Year will help you attract good luck for the fresh new year.


1.Clean up the House.

Cleaning up the house before new year is a very old tradition for Chinese people. Once you clean your home inside and out, you can get rid of the bad luck collected over the year and start to bring in good fortune for the new year.

Can I get good luck by cleaning on New Year’s Day? Of course not. Chinese people believe that good luck flows around the house, and any cleaning on New Year’s Day will wash away good luck for wealth and prosperity.


2.Make Your House Beautiful.

Cleaning things up means a brand-new start for the next year will come. By decorating the house, you can keep the positive energy in your house. Decorations for new year are mainly about flowers, couplets, Chinese knots, new year pictures and papercuts on windows. Color like red and golden are main colors for decorating.

Put some fresh fruits at home as well, apples, oranges, pomelos and grapes are all symbols of prosperity. Don’t hesitate to get ready for some ornaments to welcome a lucky and fruitful new year.

lucky things to do for Chinese New Year


3.Buy New Clothing.

How to start a lucky new year? At the beginning of the Chinese New Year, everything will be renewed and a new atmosphere will come from inside to outside. As a result, Chinese people think it necessary to wear new clothing to welcome the new year.

What’s more, wearing new clothing is to ward off the evil and get good blessings. But you should remember to choose some bright colors and avoid black color. Generally speaking, red is the luckiest color for Chinese Lunar New Year.


4.Have a Lucky Meal with Your Family.

Chinese New Year is a great time for family reunion. Having a lucky “reunion dinner” with your family is one of the most important things to do for the Spring Festival. It’s propitious to prepare some lucky food like dumplings and fish, for a good wish of prosperity.

As the word “fish” and “surplus” share the same pronunciation in Chinese, usually Chinese people won’t eat up the whole fish for this big meal, because they want to ask for a good will of having a surplus year after year.

lucky things to do for Chinese New Year
Reunion Dinner


5.Wear a Dash of Red.

Wearing something red is an auspicious way to attract maximum good luck and warn off any bad spirits. If it’s right your zodiac year, “benming nian” in Chinese, it’s a must do thing to wear something red, such as red clothes, socks and underwear. Some people prefer to wear red inside, it boosts up energy and happiness from inside out.  

If you really don’t like red color, just choose some bright colors. Keep things colorful and a glorious future will come to you in the next year.

lucky things to do for Chinese New Year
Wear Red Clothing


6.Eat some Sweet Things.

One will feel happy when eating some sweets. And having sweets during Chinese New Year will brighten up your life, in other words, you may start a joyful new year with happiness and energy.

Tikoy, “Niangao” in Chinese, is a popular food in most regions. Due to the similar pronunciation in Chinese, having some “Niangao” during Chinese New Year, you may have a better life in the new year. Meanwhile, it also implies a good will of a promotion for one’s career.


7.Give out “Hongbao”.

Chinese people will put lucky money into red envelopes, and the elders will give away the red envelopes to kids. The tradition of giving out “Hongbao” gives the best wishes to young generation, and brings good luck to the giver at the same time.

Usually adults who’re employed will give their parents and grandparents “Hongbao” as well, for a good meaning of getting good luck and good health.

What we have to mention is that you should avoid the number “4”, because it means “death” in Chinese. Instead, try to pick lucky numbers like “6”(Everything goes smoothly.) and “8”(Good luck in making money.).

lucky things to do for Chinese New Year
Red Envelopes


8.Say Lucky Words.

Chinese people will pay New Year’s visit to their relatives and friends during Chinese New Year, to share the good luck and happiness with each other. It’s meaningful for them to say some lucky words to give the best wishes for the new year.

When you meet your Chinese friends during this period of time, they will be happy to hear words like “Xin nian hao”(Happy New Year.) , “Wanshi ruyi”(Wishing you the best of everything.) and “Gongxi facai”(Wishing you prosperity).


9.Light off Firecrackers and Fireworks.

As you may have heard about the legend of the beast “Nian”, the old tradition of lighting off fireworks and fireworks is one of the lucky things to do for Chinese New Year. On the one hand, the noise will scare away all the bad spirits. On the other hand, Chinese people believe that setting off the first firecracker and firework when the clock strikes midnight will bring them good luck for the year.

In addition, the red color of firecrackers indicates the days in the new year will be booming. And the colorful fireworks symbolize a bright future.


Visit China for Chinese Lunar New Year

If you are expecting a lucky new year, you can follow this guide and find some lucky things to do for Chinese New Year. Also, it’s worthwhile to have a tour during Chinese Lunar New Year. See our sample tours for some inspiration.

lucky things to do for Chinese New Year
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