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Chinese New Year Taboos

chinese new year taboos

Avoiding bringing Misfortune

No Unlucky Words: Words like death, losing, running out, breaking,  hell, ghost, poverty, killing, sickness and any other words with negative meanings should be avoided and replaced curing Chinese new year time.

No Cry: You shall avoid kids crying and stop them by any means quickly during Chinese New Year period. Cry means sad and it believes that it brings restless sadness for the coming year.  

No Breaking Things: Breaking things especially plates or dishes are an omen of ruining togetherness and breaking of good energy.

No Black and White Colors: Black and white colors are funeral colors in Chinese culture. During Chinese New Year, funeral colors are not welcomed and thought to be inauspicious and may bring death for the family.

Avoiding bringing Illness

No Hospital Visits: Visiting hospitals during Chinese New Year period is omen to bring illness for the coming year. You should avoid hospital visits except it is necessary.

No Medicine Taking: Taking medicines on the first of Chinese lunar New Year is a taboo. It is an inauspicious omen saying one may be ill for the whole year.

Avoiding bringing Bad Luck

NO Killings: Killings during Chinese New Year Festival should be avoided as blood is an ill omen for bringing misfortunes such as a bloody disaster. 

No Needle Work: Needle works and the use of knives & scissors shall be avoided for any accident during the New Year period. This is thought to lead to inauspicious things in the coming year.

No Hair Cutting: People should get their hair cut before Chinese New Year. During the first lunar month, cutting hair indicates the death of their uncles (mother's brother). Strangely it sounds, it is a restrictively followed tradition.

Learn more about what to do before Chinese New Year day by day.

Avoiding driving away Good Luck

No Washing Hair: Washing hair on the first day of the New Year means washing away the good fortune.

No Laundry Washing: Similar with washing hair, avoiding doing any laundry on the first day also means stop washing away the luck and good fortune.

No Sweeping Floor: Sweeping floor on the first day of Chinese New Year is a bad omen saying sweeping out good fortune.

Avoiding bringing Misfortune in Wealth

No Porridge: Porridge is considered to be food for poor people, therefore don’t eat porridge on the first day of new year means don’t start the new year in a poorly way.

No Money Lending or Borrowing: Lending or Borrowing money during Chinese New Year especially on the first day means loss of money. It is an unlucky omen saying in debt for the whole year or misfortune in wealth aspect.

No Married daughter visiting her Parents on First Day: Married daughter visits her parents meaning extra cost for her parents. Strangely it sounds, it is a tradition in Chinese Culture.