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Popular New Year Greetings in Chinese

chinese new year greetings

Happy New Year in Chinese(Most frequently used ones)

Simplified Chinese: 新年快乐!

English Meaning: Happy new year!

Chinese Pinyin: Xīn nián kuài lè

Pronunciation: Xin-nian-kwua-le!

Literally Meaning in Chinese: New  Year Happy!

Simplified Chinese: 新年好!

English Meaning: Happy new year!

Chinese Pinyin: Xīn nián hǎo

Pronunciation: Xin-nian-howw!

Literally Meaning in Chinese: New  Year Good!

Simplified Chinese: 过年好!

English Meaning: Happy new year!

Chinese Pinyin: Guò nián hǎo

Pronunciation: guo-nian-howw!

Literally Meaning in Chinese: Pass New Year well!

Simplified Chinese: 祝您全家新春快乐!

English Meaning:  Wish your family a happy near year!

Chinese Pinyin: Zhu nin quan jia xin chun kuai le!

Pronunciation: zhuu-nin-chun-jia-xin-chun-kuwa-le!

Simplified Chinese: 祝大家新春快乐!

English Meaning:  Wish everybody happy new year!

Chinese Pinyin: Zhu da jia xin chun kuai le!

Pronunciation: zhuu-da-jia-xin-chun-kuwa-le!

Popular Wishing Phases during Chinese New Year

Simplified Chinese: 心想事成

English Meaning: May all your wishes come true!

Chinese Pinyin: Xīnxiǎng shì chéng

Pronunciation: Xin-xiang-she-cheng

Literally Meaning in Chinese: Heart will things done!

Simplified Chinese: 万事如意

English Meaning: May all your wishes be fulfilled!

Chinese Pinyin: Wan shi ru yi

Pronunciation: wan-she-ru-ii

Literally Meaning in Chinese: Thousands things goes according to your will!

Simplified Chinese: 大吉大利

English Meaning: Big luck and big profits.

Chinese Pinyin: Dà-jí dà-lì

Pronunciation:  da-ji-da-li

Simplified Chinese: 吉祥如意

English Meaning: Good fortune meeting your wishes.

Chinese Pinyin: jí-xiáng-rú-yì

Pronunciation: ji-xiang-ru-ii

Literally Meaning in Chinese: Lucky goes according to your will!

Greetings for Health

Simplified Chinese: 岁岁平安

English Meaning: May you peaceful all year round.

Chinese Pinyin: Sui sui ping an

Pronunciation: sui-sui-ping-ann!

Simplified Chinese: 身体健康

English Meaning: Enjoy good health.

Chinese Pinyin:  Shēn tǐ jiàn kāng

Pronunciation: shen-ti-jian-kang!

Simplified Chinese: 恭喜发财,红包拿来

English Meaning: Wishing you happiness and prosperity and please give me a red envelope.

Chinese Pinyin:  Gōng xǐ fā cái, hóng bāo ná lái

Pronunciation: kong-xi-fa-cai-hong-bow-na-lai!

Attention: This is only used between close friends and relations when you are excepting a red envelope for lucky money.

Greetings for Fortune and Business

Simplified Chinese: 恭喜发财

English Meaning: Happiness and prosperity.

Chinese Pinyin:  Gōng xǐ fā cái

Pronunciation: kong-xi-fa-cai

Literally Meaning in Chinese: wish happiness set wealth!

Attention: This is commonly used in Cantonese.

Simplified Chinese: 财源广进

English Meaning: Enter broadly wealth's source.

Chinese Pinyin:  Cái yuán guǎn gjìn

Pronunciation: cai-yuan-guang-jin

Simplified Chinese: 生意兴隆

English Meaning: Prosperous business

Chinese Pinyin:  Shēng yì xīng lóng

Pronunciation: sheng-ii-xing-luong

Attention: Best saying for any owner of a shop.


Greetings for Colleagues

Simplified Chinese: 步步高升

English Meaning: Promotions at every step.

Chinese Pinyin:  Bù bù gāos hēng

Pronunciation: bu-bu-gao-sheng

Simplified Chinese: 升官发财

Chinese Pinyin:  Shēng guān fā cái

Pronunciation: sheng-guan-fa-cai

English Meaning: Win promotion and get rich.

Simplified Chinese: 工作顺利

English Meaning: May your work go smoothly.

Chinese Pinyin:  Gōng zuò shùn lì

Pronunciation: gong-zuo-swun-lii

Literally Meaning in Chinese: Work smooth!

chinese new year greetings

Greetings for Students

Simplified Chinese: 学习进步

English Meaning: Progress in studies.

Chinese Pinyin:  Xué xí jìn bù

Pronunciation: xue-xi-ji-bu

Simplified Chinese: 学业有成

English Meaning: Achieve in studies.

Chinese Pinyin:  Xué yè yǒu chéng

Pronunciation: xue-ye-yow-cheng

Simplified Chinese: 金榜题名

English Meaning: Succeed in the important examinations.

Chinese Pinyin: Jīn bǎng tí míng

Pronunciation: jin-bang-tii-ming

Literally Meaning in Chinese: Golden list write name!

Greetings for Lovers in  Chinese

Simplified Chinese: 我爱你

English Meaning: I love you!

Chinese Pinyin: wo-ai-ni

Pronunciation: Wall-Eye-knee

Simplified Chinese: 我永远爱你

English Meaning: I love you forever!

Chinese Pinyin: wo-yong-yuan-ai-ni

Pronunciation: Wall-yong-yuan-Eye-knee

Simplified Chinese: 你是我的唯一

English Meaning: You are my only one!

Chinese Pinyin: ni-shi-wo-de-wei-yi

Pronunciation: knee-she-wo-de-wei-ii

Simplified Chinese: 你是我生命中最珍贵的礼物

English Meaning: You are my most perious gift in my life!

Chinese Pinyin: ni-shi-wo-shneg-ming-zhong-zui-zhen-gui-de-li-wu

Pronunciation: knee-she-wo-sheng-ming-zhong-zui-zhen-gui-de-li-wuu