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Lucky Colors in China, Lucky Colors for Chinese New Year

As we all know, most Chinese people are superstitious. Therefore, they always expect to get good luck by doing certain things. In Chinese culture, colors have different symbolisms, traditionally, red and yellow are lucky colors in China. During some special occasions like weddings and Chinese New Year celebration, people prefer to use the lucky colors so that they could get good luck.


Lucky Colors for Chinese New Year

During Chinese New Year, decorations in red and yellow can be seen everywhere. But do you know the reason why Chinese people love those lucky colors?


Red —— Happiness, Passion and Good Luck

Red color is the most symbolic color for China, which indicates happiness, passion, hope, vitality and good luck. Red has been a lucky color in China since ancient times. According to the Theory of the Five Elements, colors are associated with the five elements of water, fire, wood, metal ad earth. Red corresponds with fire.

During Chinese New Year, red is the most popular color in China, because folk believe that this color will bring in good fortune and scare away evil spirits. You will see all kinds of decorations in red, including red lanterns, couplets and paper-cuttings.

Chinese New Year Decorations

Meanwhile, people love to wear red clothing for Spring Festival. Traditionally, Chinese people will fill the red envelopes with lucky money and give to children and the elders.


Yellow —— Brightness, Hope, Royalty and Power

Yellow, representing earth, symbolizes prosperity, hope, royalty and power. It is a prestigious color in Chinese history and culture, or emperor’s color, because some emperors in the ancient times reserved yellow for their own exclusive use.

Usually yellow was widely used in building imperial palaces, along with red. The Forbidden City will be the best example. What’s more, in Chinese history, yellow was used in the robes and attire of the emperors as well.

Forbidden City

In addition, yellow is also associated with Buddhism, as monks wear yellows garments, and it’s one of the elements of Buddhist temples.

Green —— Health, Prosperity, Fertility and Harmony

Green is a symbol of health, fertility, prosperity, wealth and harmony. In traditional Chinese culture, green represents cleanliness and purity from contamination. Therefore, green is often used to describe organic things.

However, please avoid to give green hats as gifts to your Chinese friends, because “man said to wear a green hat” means he has an unfaithful wife.

Gold —— Glory, Prosperity and Good Fortune

Gold represents glory, nobility, prosperity and good fortune. In China, gold is often used in some important occasions, as it symbolizes wealth and richness. During Chinese New Year, you will see lots of decorations are in gold and red.


Unlucky Colors for Chinese New Year


White, corresponding to metal, is the color of mourning. In Chinese culture, white is associated with death and is used in funerals, it is the color of mourning.


Black, corresponding to water, is another color associated with mourning and death. Both white and black are unlucky colors for Chinese New Year.


Lucky Chinese Zodiac Colors

Rat —— black, blue

Ox —— yellow

Tiger —— red, green

Rabbit —— green

Dragon —— yellow

Snake —— purple

Horse —— blue

Goat —— blue, green

Monkey —— gray, purple

Rooster —— blue, white

Dog —— black, white

Pig —— brown


Explore Traditional Culture in China

After knowing about the lucky colors for Chinese New Year and lucky colors for your zodiac signs, it will be a great idea to explore more about Chinese culture. If you’re willing to experience the Spring Festival, you’d better plan your trip and book everything ahead of time. See our sample tours for some good ideas.