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Top 8 Lucky Chinese New Year Snacks

During Chinese Lunar New Year, all the Chinese people are willing to obtain good fortune for the fresh new year. Thus, people try to do some lucky things and eat some auspicious foods to wish for the best blessings. Snacks must be an important part of Chinese New Year, there are specific snacks you can see in every Chinese families.

Chinese people usually share the candy dishes with all the visitors, generally filled with baked seeds, peanuts and sweets. Here we’ve picked the top 8 lucky Chinese New Year snacks for you, we sincerely wish that you could have good luck for the next year.

Lucky Chinese New Year Snacks


1.Baked Seeds (瓜子 Guāzǐ) —— Good Wishes to the Next Generation

Chinese people love baked seeds so much in their daily life. And for Chinese Lunar New Year, baked seeds will show up on the desk of every Chinese family, as seeds have good wishes to the next generation, hoping for more sons and grandsons.

If you’re looking for lucky Chinese New Year snacks, don’t hesitate to buy some, no matter baked seeds, raw seeds or fried seeds.

Among all kinds of baked seeds, sunflower seeds will be the first choice. There are various flavors you could choose, creamy, green tea flavor, spiced flavor etc. Other choices like pumpkin seeds, watermelon seeds and melon seeds are also popular.

Lucky Chinese New Year Snacks
Pumpkin Seeds


2.Peanuts (花生 Huāshēng) —— Longevity

In Chinese culture, there is another name for peanuts, which is so called “longevity nuts”. Peanuts, regarded as auspicious snack in China, symbolize longevity, vitality, wisdom and prosperity.

The original taste of peanuts is good enough, but Chinese people prefer to cook peanuts with seasonings. Except for stir-frying, boiling with salt water is also a good way to cook peanuts. Spiced flavor and garlic flavor are very popular.

Shelled peanuts will be perfect if you feel lazy to peel the peanut. There are all kinds of flour-coated peanuts, you can choose whatever flavor you like. Some Chinese people also make peanut candy, with ingredients of peanuts and syrup.

Lucky Chinese New Year Snacks
Peanut Candy


3.Sweets (糖果 Tángguǒ) —— Sweetness and Happiness

Sweets are also important parts of Chinese New Year snacks which children love most. Eating sweets means all sufferings have their reward, it indicates that you will have a sweet life in the next year. It’s also a good idea to give sweets as Chinese New Year gifts, those wrapped with red or golden package are better.

Candies and chocolates are widely welcomed, meanwhile, Chinese people also like to choose some candied fruits or vegetables, such as coconut strips, lotus roots and winter melons. Preserves are popular as well.

Lucky Chinese New Year Snacks


4.Nuts (坚果 Jiānguǒ) —— Longevity and Happiness

More Chinese people add nuts on the list of lucky Chinese New Year snacks in the recent years. Nuts stand for longevity, happiness and health, and different kind of nuts owns special meanings. Read on to know more.

Almonds —— A bright future

Pecans —— Longevity

Walnuts —— Reunion

Macadamias —— Good luck

Pistachios —— Happiness and safeness

Pine Nuts —— May you have a lovely baby

Lucky Chinese New Year Snacks


5.Red Dates (红枣 Hóngzǎo) —— Thriving Life

No matter for the color or the name, red dates will definitely be a lucky snack for Chinese New Year. In Chinese, “hong” means red, the best lucky color for Lunar New Year, meanwhile, “zao” means early, eating red dates implies a thriving life will come very soon.

Lucky Chinese New Year Snacks
Dried Longans and Red Dates


6.Dried Longans (桂圆 Guìyuán) —— Family Reunification

The Chinese name of dried longans symbolizes family reunification, which is the most important part of Chinese New Year. The round shape stands for a perfect life, and the sweet flavor may bring people happiness.

You can peel the dried longans and eat directly, or you can make tea with both dried longans and red dates. This kind of tea is really healthy, it helps to blood circulation and restore body balance.


7.Persimmon Cakes (柿饼 Shìbǐng) —— All the Best

Persimmon Cakes have a good wish for all the best in the new year. Chinese people share persimmon cakes together during Chinese New Year, because they hope everything will go according to their wishes.

Lucky Chinese New Year Snacks

Persimmon Cakes


8.Fried Dough Twists (麻花 Máhuā) —— Reunion

The appearance of fried dough twists is a bit strange, with two bars of dough twisted together. The golden color and the crispy and sweet flavor of fried dough twists make a perfect match. For Chinese people, fried dough twists can be a symbol of reunion and happiness.

Lucky Chinese New Year Snacks
Fried Dough Twists


Visit China during Chinese Lunar New Year

By knowing the top 8 lucky Chinese New Year snacks, you may get some good ideas about how to be get good luck for the new year. If you’re really interested in traditional Chinese culture, it’s wonderful to visit China during Chinese Lunar New Year. See our sample tours below: