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Clay Figurine Zhang

Tianjin Clay Figurines Zhang is a school of clay figurine in Northern China, which was initiated by Zhang Mingshan in the late Qing Dynasty. It’s a kind of painted sculpture made of clay. As a traditional Chinese art, the Clay figurine Zhang even received praises from the world.

Clay Figurine Zhang

Zhang was born in a poor family in Tianjin city, who learned the skill of clay figurines from his father at a very young age. Zhang was clever, deft and full of imagination. He carefully observed people from different walks of life, so that he would make clay figurines of people he met vividly. Clay figurines created by Zhang include heroes and villains from Chinese folk stories, novels, and operas as well as scenes from daily life. Zhang Mingshan not only inherited the clay sculpture skill, but also combined the clay sculpture skill with the quintessence of painting, drama and wood engravings and other folk arts. With several decades’ hard work, he created his own style, and his works were pretty popular among people. He created more than 10,000 clay figurines during his whole life, and his unique handicrafts became famous both at home and abroad. People liked his clay figurines very much and gave him the nickname of Clay Figurine Zhang.

Clay Figurine Zhang

There is a gallery about clay figurine Zhang in Tianjin. More than 300 sets of clay figurines are collected in the gallery. It attracts many people who have interest in clay figurine to visit.