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Lu Sheng

Lu Sheng (芦笙pinyin lú shēng), is a wind instrument for Miao, Yao and Dong ethnic people living in southwest China. It has been originated in central China with a history of over 3000 years, then it went quite popular among those ethnic group people in southwest where is mainly today’s Guizhou province. During the Tang dynasty, the excellent Lu Sheng masters from the southwest part of ancient China had come to the capital city to perform their skill to please the emperor and had attained highly appreciation. 
lu sheng
Being a popular music instrument among those Guizhou ethnic people, today Lu Sheng is always a key role in celebrating their own festivals and weddings and parties.

Classical Works
《Dance of the Yao People》(瑶族舞曲)
《Su Wu the Shepherd》(苏武牧羊) 
《A Happy Song on Yi People》(彝寨欢歌)
《Steppe Cavalry》(草原骑兵)