Best Time to Visit Zhejiang

The best time to travel in Zhejiang is in spring and autumn, especially late March, April, and September to October.


Travel to Zhejiang in Spring

In Spring, Zhejiang climate features cold with lots of rain. Its coastal and offshore often appears high wind, the weather is extremely indefinite. The average temperature in this season is about 13 ~ 18 ℃.

Six Harmonies Pagoda (Hangzhou): has more than two hundred sites of brick carvings, which feature a wide range of motifs and these brick carvings are rare material proofs of Chinese ancient architectures.
Meijiawu Tea Village (Hangzhou): is a village community and a tea culture leisure area with the most features of tea village.
Grand Canal Hangzhou (Hangzhou): a distinguishing cultural site. It plays an important role in the development of water, conservancy and the economic as well as cultural exchange between the northern part and the southern part.

Travel to Zhejiang in Summer

Zhejiang Summer climate features high temperature, much precipitation, strong light, and dry air. The summer mean temperature of the total province is about 24 ~ 28 ℃. In early summer, the probability of rainstorm and cloudburst increases. While during midsummer, it is easy to hit the hot dry weather.

West Lake (Hangzhou): it is a like a shining pearl inlaid on the vast land of China, reputed for beautiful scenery, a multitude of historical sites, brilliant cultural relics, and a profusion of native products. 
Thousand-islet Lake (Hangzhou): surrounded by verdant mountains, the crystal-clear lake, which is dotted by the 1,078 islets, is like a mirror covered with a great amount of jade.

Travel to Zhejiang in Autumn

In early autumn, Zhejiang is easy to suffer overcast and rainy weather. While in midautumn, Zhejiang has a clear and crisp autumn climate. And in late autumn, the temperature fluctuation larger. The average temperature in autumn is about 16 ~ 21 ℃.

Wuzhen Water Town (Hangzhou): it is built along the rivers. The air here is full of the smells of fresh vegetables, walnuts, fish and shrimp.
Xikou Town (Ningbo): the home town of Mr. Chiang Kai-Shek. It is famous at home and abroad for its integrity of humane culture, Buddhist cultureas as well as scenic beauty. 
•China Yiwu International Petty Commodities Fair (Yiwu): held in each Oct. 21th-25th, which is a international exhibition of daily consumer goods.

Travel to Zhejiang in Winter

In Winter, Zhejiang is cold with little rain and the air in this season is dry. There may appear cold wave, high wind, great snow and dense fog. The average temperature is about 3 ~ 9 ℃. 

Lingyin Temple (Hangzhou): is one of the ten most famous ancient Buddhist monasteries in China. It is really a tourist attraction that can offer you appealing places of historic interest, cultural relics and agreeable natural scenery.
Baoguo Temple Ningbo (Ningbo): is a thousand-year-old famous temple. Also, it is one of the first cultural relic sites specified to be conserved in China.

Other Tips

While enjoying your Zhejiang Tours, you'd better pay more attention to the local weather forecasts, bring your sunglasses, sunblock and daily medicines.

Zhejiang often suffers plum rains in the month of May, you'd better bring your rain gear when you are planning your trip on this month.