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Xian Must See

Xian Must See will lead you to the highlights of Xian which you should never miss during you tour in this ancient city. In this page you will find what to see in Xian including natural and historic attraction, shows and performances. Now, please come with Top China Travel to start your impressive Xian tour.

Xian Must-see Attractions

Recommended Attractions: Terracotta Army, Xian City Wall, Big Wild Goose, Bell Tower, Mt. Huashan, Shaanxi History Museum
Terracotta Army, also known as Terracotta Warriors and Horses, is one of the seven wonders in China. It was constructed by the first emperor Qing Shi Huang as its mausoleum. It is the No.1 must-see attraction in Xian that you should never miss.

Xian City Wall, which you can still see it today, was used for defense in ancient times. It was a very important defensive construction which protected the city from invasion. Today, it is one of the well preserved and oldest ancient city walls in China attracting tourists from all over the world.

Big Wild Goose Pagoda was fist built in Tang Dynasty. It is historical Buddhist pagoda located in southern Xian.
Bell Tower, built in 1384 during Ming Dynasty, is one of the symbols of the ancient Xian City. Located at the center of Xian, it is famous as the grandest bell tower in China.

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Xian Must-see Performances

Recommended shows: Tang Dynasty Show with Dinner, Guanzhong Leather-silhouette Show
Welcome Ceremony at the Ancient City Wall
Venue: The Tang Dynasty Theatre Palace
Address: 75, Changan Road, Xian
Duration: 3.5 hours (daily 18:00 - 20:30  for dinner, 20:30 – 21:35 for Tang Dynasty Show)

Tang Dynasty Show is a type of performance reflects the prosperous of Tang Dynasty. The performers wear the costumes of Tang Dynasty on the show. On the performance, you can enjoy the beauty of traditional Chinese dance, appreciating the fine music of traditional Chinese instrument such as Er Hu, Zheng, Sheng and so on. It is really a brand new way to let tourists know more about the life in ancient China.  It is a show with dinner, which you can enjoy the performence after dinner.   

Guanzhong Leather-silhouette Show:
Venue: Gao Courtyard
Address: 144, North Gate, Muslim Street, Xian
Duration: All year round

Guangzhou Leather-silhouette Show is a very traditional and local Shanxi type show that you should not miss during your travel to Xian. During the show, you can enjoy unique Shanxi music while watch the stories happened in the past.  The shadow of the figure is projected on the screen. Artists control the figures and move them as a real human. It is a very interesting show to enjoy and the audiences at home and abroad are all speak highly of this art.
Venue: Xi'an Ancient City
Duration: About 1.5 hours
The Welcom Ceremony at the Ancient City Wall is held on the ancient wall which is the landmark of Xian. It is a show for people to get touch with the culture of Xian. The show is a ceremony to welcome emperors in Tang Dynasty. It is made up of five parts, namely Ying (welcome), Bai (pay respects), Ci (bestow), Yan (entertain), Song (see-off), which comprehensively illustrates not only the essence of the Tang-Dynasty-style etiquette but also the dimension and complexity of Chinese culture.
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Xian Must-see Commercial Streets

Recommended Shopping Sreets: Xian East Street, Muslim Street

Xian East Street
Location: East side of the Bell Tower, Xian
What to buy:antique, clothing

Xian Dong Da Jie (East Street) is one of the main shopping districts in Xian. It is packed with large malls, such as the Tangcheng Department Store and Kaiyuan Shopping Mall, and some special stores, such as Xian Overseas Chinese Store and Xian Antique Shop. The street is not only a shopping paradise for tourists; it also provides many famous restaurants.
Muslim Street
Location: North side of the Bell Tower, XianWhat to buy: antique, local snacks, artworks
Xian Muslim Streetis a street famous for its food, its local snacks and its Muslims restaurants. Mutton or beef Paomo, roast lamb leg, Rou jia mo, various snacks will enter into your eyes and wave hands to your appetite. Some one said that Xian Muslim Street is a place that absorbs all the essence of Xian catering culture.

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