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Best Places to Visit in Tianjin

Tianjin or Jin in short, one of the four municipalities directly under the Central Government in China, is located in the northeast of the North China Plain and is the closest seaport to Beijing. The city is one of the biggest industrial and port cities in China and it is also known as 'the diamond of the Bohai Gulf'.

Shi Courtyard

Shi Courtyard is located in Yangliuqing Ancient Town of Xiqing District, which is the former residence of Shi Yuanshi. He was the 4th son of Shi Wancheng and one of the eight great masters in Tianjin. The courtyard was firstly built in 1875 and covers over 6,000 square meters. But after the expansion, now the courtyard of Shi family covers about 10,000 square meters, which is called the first mansion in North China. s served as the folk custom museum in Yangliuqing, which has a large collection of folk custom museum in Yanliuqing.


Huangyaguan Great Wall

The entire section of Huangyaguan Great Wall is built on an abrupt yellow cliff. That is why it got its name. This Great Wall is sited 28km north of Ji County, Tianjin. It was originally built in Tianbao 7th of Beiqi (557 AD), and then it had repaired in Ming Dynasty for the first time with bricks and for the second time in 1985.

With its walls and towers built on mountain ridge with an average altitude of 738 meters, the Huangyaguan is really overwhelming. To the east there is the cliff, and the west crags. t looks like that the wall is running straight up or down. When you look down, you will feel dizzy at the sight. It winds its way across mountains like a dragon. Guarding a stronghold, it has been the north entrance of Jinxian.

Tianjin Museum

Tianjin Museum is the largest museum in the city. It exhibits a range of cultural and historical relics significant to Tianjin. It covers an area of 30 square km with 3layers, shaped like a flying swam. The Tianjin Museum is a three-storeyed building. The items on display mainly come from the history museum and art museum collection of treasures. There are a total of bronze, jade, celebrity calligraphy and painting, as well as hundreds of thousands of pieces of precious cultural relics.

The Porcelain House

The Porcelain House locates in the old French Concession, once to be a residence. Now, it renovated as a unique porcelain museum which all covers with porcelain pieces, so, it is a real "Porcelain House"! The house is private museum decorated with about 400 million pieces of ancient Chinese ceramic chips and over 13,000 ancient Chinese porcelain vases, plates and bowls. It is perhaps the most strange and eye-catching house in Tianjin.

The house is located in No.72 Chifeng Road, Heping District, Tianjing. It is designed by the owner of house himself, Zhanglianzhi. He used his collection of ancient porcelains, white marble stones, crystal stones which has been kept by him for many years, and agate, tens of thousands of ceramics as decoration materials.

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