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One Day Trip to Suzhou from Shanghai

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Day Trip Itinerary 

Shanghai Travel Guide: Shanghai Railway Station -Suzhou Railway Station - Tongli Water Town-Humble Administrator Garden-Pingjiang Road or Shantang Street -Suzhou Railway Station- Railway Station

Itinerary of day trip to Suzhou from Shanghai: Suzhou attractions, things to do in Suzhou.

  • Get to Suzhou Railway Station before 08:00, and take subway Line 4 from Suzhou Railway Station to Tongli station(同里站)(about 50 minutes), then transfer to Tongli Ancient Town by No. 725 public bus  and get off at Shipailou bus stop(石牌楼) or by taxi( a distance of about 7 kilometers).
  • Have a tour in Tongli Water Town for 4 hours(lunch meal in Tongli).
  • Leave Tongli at about 13:00, take subway Line 4 and get off at Beisita station(北寺塔站), then walk about 1 kilometers to Humble Administrator Garden.
  • Have a tour in Humble Administrator Garden for 2 hours.
  • Walk to Pingjiang Road(平江路), which is close to Humble Administrator Garden, about 700 meters away, have a tour in Pingjiang road for about 2 hours, and enjoy Suzhou food and snacks in here. Last, walk to Beisita station(北寺塔站), take subway Line 4 to Shanghai Railway Station, and catch a train to Shanghai. Or insteading of Pingjiang Road, you could go to Shantang Street(山塘街). Walk to Beisita station(北寺塔站) take subway Line 4, and transfer to Line 2 at Suzhou Railway Station, get off at Shantang station(山塘站), then walk about 300 meters. have a leisure tour in Shantang Street for about 2 hours. In the end, take subway Line 2 to Suzhou Railway Station and go back to Shanghai.

How to Get to Suzhou from Shanghai

Suzhou is in the west of Shanghai, about 90 kilometers away. Tourists could go to Suzhou from Shanghai by airplane, bus and train, but I recommend train to you, taking account of distance, time and cost. Every day there are about 245 trains leaving for Suzhou from Shanghai, classified as fast train(K), high speed train(G), and high speed bullet train(D). Fast train, the slowest ,takes about 1 hour, and the other two take about half an hour. Those trains depart Shanghai from Shanghai Railway Station,  Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station or Shanghainan Railway Station, and stop at Suzhou Railway Station or Suzhoubei Railway Station. From Shanghai to Suzhou, the earliest train(K526 Shanghainan-Suzhou) leaves at 04:14, and the latest train(K1506) at 23:46. From Suzhou to Shanghai, the earliest train(K1805 Suzhou-Shanghainan) leaves at 02:26, and the latest train(G157 Suzhoubei-Shanghai Hongqiao) at 23:16.

You could take a train leaving from any railway stations, according to your living place, but I recommend trains leaving from Shanghai Railway Station and stopping at Suzhou Railway Station, because this two stations are close to city center, easy to have a transfer. Tourists could take subway Line 1, Line 3, and Line 4 to Shanghai Railway Station in Shanghai, and take subway Line 2 in Suzhou. The below is some information about trains travelling between Shanghai and Suzhou from Shanghai Railway Station and Suzhou Railway Station .

Train No. Departure Arrival Duration

Business Class Seat


First Class Seat


Second Class Seat


Hard Seat


Hard Sleeper


Soft Sleeper


G7002 Shanghai 06:48 Suzhou 07:21 00:33 73.5 59.5 39.5      
G7034 Shanghai 07:10 Suzhou 07:43 00:33 73.5 59.5 39.5      
G7004 Shanghai 08:00 Suzhou 08:25 00:25 73.5 59.5 39.5      
G7065 Suzhou 19:37 Shanghai 20:19 00:34 73.5 59.5 39.5      
K8427 Suzhou 21:33 Shanghai 22:41 01:08       14.5 60.5 90.5
G7091 Suzhou 22:22 Shanghai 22:48 00:26 73.5 59.5 39.5      

Tongli Water Town, Tongli Ancient Town(09:30-13:00)

Tongli Water Town Facts

Tongli Water Town, also known as Tongli Ancient Town(同里古镇), is one of the top 4 ancient water towns in Jiangnan region, built in the Song Dynasty(960 AD-1279 AD), and so far, it has been well preserved. This town has 15 winding rivers, separated them into seven parts, and 49 bridges linking all parts together. Tongli Ancient Town, featured with bridges, winding rivers and old style houses, is a five star popular scenic area, with Garden of Seclusion and Meditation(Tuisi Garden) listed as World Cultural Heritage. It is located in the southeast of Suzhou, about 30 kilometers away, easily accessible by bus and subway from Suzhou downtown.

It has many small attractions inside the down, and several of them enjoy more fames than others,  Nanyuan Teahouse(南园茶庄), Gengle Hall(耕乐堂), Jiayin Hall(嘉荫堂), Chongben Hall(崇本堂), Dendrite Wuyuan(松石悟园), Pearl Tower(珍珠塔), Wangshao’ao’s Memorial Museum(王绍鏊纪念馆), Gufeng Garden(古风园), Garden of Seclusion and Meditation(退思园),  and Luoxing Islet(罗星洲).


  • Tongli Water Town Ticket. 80 yuan for an entrance ticket. 140 yuan for an entrance ticket and a night show(Shuimo Tongli). 20 yuan  for a night tour in Tuisi Garden. 102 yuan for an entrance ticket and paper cutting learning.
  • Opening hours: 07:30-17:15 18:30-21:30. No admission is allowed after 17:15.
  • Tongli Water Town sightseeing ways: walking and boat tour.
  • Tourists map. Buy a map of Tongli Ancient town or take a photo of its tourists map, then tour this town with the help of the map. You could make shortcuts and go directly to the attractions, and have flexible choices.
  • Tongli Water Town sightseeing routes: Garden of Seclusion and Meditation → Gufeng Garden-Jiayin Hall → Wangshao' ao' s Memorial Museum → Dendrite Wuyuan → Chongben Hall → three bridges → Gengle Hall → Nanyuan Teahouse → Luoxing Islet.

Tongli Water Town Attraction & Highlights

Mingqing street. It is a distinctive street, about 160 meters long, with rows of buildings in Ming and Qing building styles. The street is  paved by flagstones, with stores in its two sides, which tells its history as a prosperous town in the past. You could go into those stores selling antiques, old things, silk and local traditional food and snacks.

Three bridges. Taiping bridge, Jili bridge, and Changqing bridge are in the west side of Tongli Ancient Town, and all of them are well built with  couplets, full of blessing.

Luoxing Islet is located in Tongli lake, and tourists need to take a boat to get there. It is a holy land to Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism, with temples and classical garden.

Gengle Hall. Go and see an ancient Chinese mansion in southern China. Gengle Hall is the house belonged to Zhu Xiang, and it has a traditional and classical layout of house with backyard owned by rich people in the past.

Humble Administrator Garden(15:00-17:00)

Humble Adnimistrator Garden Facts

Humble Administrator Garden(拙政园) is built in the early of 16th century, reputed as one of the top four gardens in China, a five stars attraction, and it is also listed as World Heritage. In the garden, water is the center, and other elements of classical gardens are supplement to it, like rockery, pavilion, corridor, and plants.

It is the largest classical garden in Suzhou, occupying about 5.2 hectares, and divided into four parts, the east part(East Garden), middle part(Middle Garden) and west part(West Garden) and garden museum. East Garden has six attractions, Middle Garden is the essence of Humble Administrator Garden, with 11 attractions, and West Garden has beautiful and exquisite buildings, with 9 attractions.


  • Humble Adnimistrator Garden opening hours: 07:30-17:30 (16th November-the end of February); 07:30-17:00(1st March-15th November).
  • Humble Adnimistrator Garden ticket: 70 yuan(January, February, March, June, November, December); 90 yuan(April, May, July, August, September, October).
  • Tourists map. Free tourists maps in multi-language like, English, Chinese, and Japanese, are available.
  • Tour guide. In this classical garden, you could rent an audio guide, or pay for a tour guide(person).
  • Humble Adnimistrator Garden sightseeing routes: East Garden → Middle Garden → West Garden → Garden Museum.

Pingjiang Road or Shantang Street( 17:30-19:30)

Pingjiang Road(平江路) is a historical street along a river, and it is the most well-preserved district in old Suzhou, located in Pingjiang district and close to Humble Administrator Garden. It is about 1,600 meters long, and 3 meters wide, and the river is in the center, and buildings are its two sides, which has the same layout like water towns in Jiangnan.  Shantang Street(山塘街) is also an old street like Pingjiang Road, with a length of 3,600 meters but it is busier then Pingjiang Road in business atmosphere.

Shantang Street is located in Gusu district, the west of Humble Administrator Garden, and about 4 kilometers away.  In this two places, tourists can see old buildings, have a tour boat, go shopping in stores,  enjoy Suzhou food and snacks, and experience Suzhou lifestyle. The two places are almost the same, and you could pick one to visit according your tour time and preference.


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