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How to Spend a 12 Hour Layover in Shanghai

As an international metropolis, Shanghai provides direct flights to more than 60 cities in the world, making it a popular layover city in China. If you get a 12-hour long layover in shanghai, you are recommended to leave the airport and explore this fascinating city of Shanghai. The article presents you the top things to do in a 12-hour layover in Shanghai.

How to Spend a 12 Hour Layover in Shanghai


1. Apply for 144-hour Transit Visa Exemption (1 h)

Shanghai enjoys 144-hour Transit Visa Exemption policy. Citizens from eligible countries, with valid international travel documents and onward flight ticket, can visit Shanghai for 144 hours without a visa. Transit passengers are allowed to stay in Shanghai municipality, Jiangsu Province and Zhejiang Province. For more information about: China’s 144-hour Visa-free Transit

How to Spend a 12 Hour Layover in Shanghai


2. Luggage Storage (0.5 h)

You are recommended to leave your luggage at the airport if you plan to visit Shanghai for a short layover tour. Passengers shall provide valid certificates to apply for luggage storage and claim service. Security staff will check items using X-ray devices. Except for oversized items, ordinary luggage is stored in computer-controlled cabinets.

How to Spend a 12 Hour Layover in Shanghai


3. Currency Exchange (0.5 h)

Although Shanghai is an international metropolis, international credit cards have not been widely accepted. Shanghai Pudong International Airport provides passengers with currency exchange service and travelers' checks. You can exchange some local RMB currency at the airport for your convenience. Currency exchange counters are easy to find at the airport.

Location: T1: Between Gage 4 - 5 and Gate 10 - 11 in the Departures Hall; Between Gate 6 - 7 in the Arrivals Hall; Call: 4008791617

       T2:Near Island A in the Departures Hall; Near the International, HK-Macao-Taiwan Arrivals Hall; Call: 4008791617

How to Spend a 12 Hour Layover in Shanghai


4. Experience the fastest Maglev Train ( 8 mins )

Shanghai Maglev Train is the fastest train in the world with the speed of 430 km per hour. Taking a Maglev Train is no wonder the coolest thing that only can do in Shanghai. The train runs between Longyang Road and Shanghai Pudong International Airport, taking only 8 minutes. Then you can transfer the Metro Line 2 from Longyang Road to the city center.

How to Spend a 12 Hour Layover in Shanghai

5. Stroll at the Bund (1 h)

The Bund is one of the best-known attractions in Shanghai, where you can see the exotic building clusters, the Huangpu River and modern skyscrapers. It is the symbol and mark of Shanghai. The Bund must be on the top of your Shanghai visiting list, strolling along the bund area is a must do in Shanghai!

How to Spend a 12 Hour Layover in Shanghai


6.Appreciate Yuyuan Garden (1 h)

Yuyuan Garden, located in the central area of Shanghai, is the only well-preserved classic garden in Shanghai with a history of more than 400 years. Built in Ming Dynasty, walking in the garden seems like going back to ancient China, where you could enjoy the revered green space in this modern city.

How to Spend a 12 Hour Layover in Shanghai


7. Taste local snacks at Chenghuangmiao (1 h)

Chenghuangmiao Old Street, situated near Yuyuan Garden, is a popular scenic area for travelers going for sightseeing, eating and shopping. You can enjoy a leisure time along Chenghuangmiao Old Street, find something interesting to buy and get something delicious to taste. The special dim sum in Lubolang Restaurant, rice pudding in Songyunlou, and Xiaolongbao in Nanxiang are all not to be missed. More about Food in Shanghai.

How to Spend a 12 Hour Layover in Shanghai

7. Go shopping in Nanjing Road (1 h)

5.5 km in full length, Nanjing Road enjoys a reputation as “the most bustling commercial street in China”. There are hundreds of large buildings with unique architecture and small shops. It is an ideal place for shopping, where you can purchase things home or abroad.

How to Spend a 12 Hour Layover in Shanghai


8. Overlook Shanghai City on Shanghai Tower (1 h)

As the tallest building in China and the second tallest building in the world, Shanghai Tower is the new icon of Shanghai. This 632-meter-high 128-story skyscraper is the best place to get a birds-eye view of the whole city. It’s an exciting experience for you to go up by the world’s second-fastest elevators to the sightseeing deck.

How to Spend a 12 Hour Layover in Shanghai


9. Have Fun in Shanghai Disney Resort with kids (2~8 h)

If you travel with your kids, Shanghai Disney Resort is a good choice for your Shanghai layover tour. What makes Shanghai Disneyland different from any other Disney parks is the creative combination of classic Disney attractions with Chinese elements. There are 6 theme parks for you to have fun: Adventure Isle, Gardens of Imagination, Tomorrowland, Mickey Avenue, Fantasyland and Treasure Cove. The kids will have hours of fun at  Shanghai Disney Resort.

How to Spend a 12 Hour Layover in Shanghai


Creat your Unique Shanghai Layover Tour

How to spend a 12 hour layover in Shanghai? You can arrange your itinerary according to your time and interests. A layover tour in Shanghai will be amazing and interesting. Check tours below to easily plan your Shanghai layover tour.

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Read more Shanghai Tours. You can also customize your unique Shanghai layover tour at Free Online Tailor-made Tour, we are so pleased to help you create the most unforgettable memory for your layover in Shanghai.


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