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Try Shanghai Maglev Train

The maglev train is an evidence to tell the world that China is a country with high technology. It develops rapidly beyond imagination. It starts to build in March of 2001 and it was finished to trial run on December 31th, 2002. It took less than 2 years to creep into people’s view.

Shanghai Maglev Line commenced commercial service on Jan 4th, 2003. The Maglev Line stretches to Longyang Road to the west and Pudong Airport to the east, with totally 29.863km. It needs only 8 minutes from Longyang Road stop to Pudong Internation Aiport by Maglev line. This is the 1st commercial maglev line in the world, which is developed by Sino-German cooperation.

How fast does the Shanghai Maglev Train go?

Shanghai Maglev Train and Railway was designed to run 430km per hour. The speed just seconds to the flight’s speed. It runs around 300km/hour in part time. There are the most advanced isolation devices in the world along the line. The high-quality glass with good light transmittance is used on the window of the maglev train. It makes sure that passengers could have a safer and more comfortable experience.

Maglev Train
Maglev Train

Nowadays, the Maglev has ready become a must-doing thing for tourists. If you hope to reach the Pudong airport in a short time from Shanghai city district, the maglev train will be the best choice to arrive your destination. It is easy to connect with Shanghai Metro Line 2, who has a stop at Longyang Station.

Shanghai Maglev Line Schedule

•Operation Time: 06:45-21:40
•First Train: Longyang Rd. Station-6:45, Airport Station-7:02
•Last Train: Longyang Rd. Station - 21:40, Airport Station - 21:42
•Interval: 15 mins - 20 mins
•Max Speed: 7:02-8:42 300km/h, 9:02-10:47 430 km/h, 11:02-12:47 300km/h, 15:02-15:47 430km/h, 16:02-21:42 300km/h.

Maglev Train
Maglev Train


•Ticket Hour: 06:45-21:40 ( The same to operation time); Check-in stops 5 mins before departure of last train.

•Ticket purchasing place:
The 2nd floor of Maglev Train Longyang Station( No 2100, Longyang Road, Shanghai) 上海龙阳路2100号磁浮列车龙阳路站二楼
The 2nf floor of Maglev Train Shanghai Pudong Internaitonal Airport Station 上海浦东国际机场磁浮列车浦东机场站二楼的上海磁浮票务中心

•Ticket Fare:
1.One Way Train Fare:
Ordinary Seat: RMB50; VIP Seat: RMB100

2.Round Way Train Fare (valid within 7 days): 
Ordinary Seat: RMB80; VIP Seat: RMB160


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