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Famous Landmarks in Qingdao

Famous Landmarks in Qingdao are considered the Name Card of Qingdao, like the Qingdao Beer Museum, Mt. Laoshan, No. 1 Bathing Beach, etc. ancient and new. They are somehow, represent a certain character or role Qingdao played to the world. Come with Top China Travel, to witness and appreciate those famous Qingdao Landmarks.

Qingdao Beer Museum

Qingdao Beer Museum, invested by 28,000 yuan, covering an area more than 6,000 square meters, is the unique beer museum build by Tsingtao Beer Brewery. It was built in 1903 which combines historical treasures with modern design.

Based on the former factory of Tsingtao Beer Brewery, Qingdao Beer Museum takes the history of beer and the making process of it as the theme to tell visitors more about beer in China Qingdao. The old German building and equipment are an important part of company culture. The museum profound culture and advanced technology, and integrates beer entertainment and shopping. There are many things in this area, for example, the cultural relics, pictures and data which were collected from Europe and Tsingtao beer's objects in the different periods. The cultural relics and the historical data were contributed by the international friends who came from Germany and Japan and who ever worked in Tsingtao, which made the area more attractive.

Mt. Laoshan

Mt. Laoshan, located by the seaside of the Yellow Sea aloing the coastline, is called the No.1 religious mountain because Mt. Laoshan is the birthplace of Taoism. It is known for its oddly shaped rocks, ancient trees, and crystal-clear springs.

The entire mountain covers 446 square kilometers and has 218 places of interest, big and small. It is a famous Taoist mountain boasting both mountainous and coastal scenery. The natural scenery also makes Mt. Laoshan as a perfect place for sightseeing, holidays, recreation, recuperation as well as cultural and patriotism activities. Towering cliff, deep abyss and rocks of untold shapes are so common in Laoshan that they can be seen everywhere. To top all this, the internationally - marketed Tsingtao beer is brewed using the water at Laoshan.

No.1 Bathing Beach

No.1 Bathing Beach, which is famous for the soft sand, clean water and clam waves, can be a must-go place during your tours in the harbor city Qingdao.

Surrounded on three sides by mountains, the beach is like the pearl of Huiquan Bay. The gentle slope and mild waves make the place a comfortable play area. Visitors can sunbathe here and swim near the coast, relaxing by playing volleyball or running on the sand and even dining on the beach. The region's comfortable weather makes it a good choice to avoid the summer heat. Even in winter this place is crowded with keen swimmers. The facilities of the beach was improved with new dressing rooms and public buildings for restaurants, offices and washrooms. It is now equipped to handle 200,000 tourists each day.

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