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How to Get to Katmandu in Nepal from Lhasa

Traveling to Katmandu, Nepal from Lhasa is quite convenient now. Visitors can travel by air or by bus/coach.

By air (recommended)
There is a direct flight leaving for Katmandu from Gonggar Airport in Lhasa. The flight belongs to Air China Airline. It usually departs at 11:05 am and the journey takes about 2 hours.

By road (not recommended)
If you want to go to Katmandu by road, the best way from Lhasa is by driving along the Tibet Friendship Highway (China Nepal Highway). It is the only international highway in Tibet. It is also known as the Friendship Highway. It is an 800 kilometers scenic route connecting the capital of Tibet Lhasa with the Chinese/Nepalese border at the Sino-Nepal Friendship Bridge between Zhangmu and Kodari. It starts at Lhasa, going through Shigatse, Lhaze, Tingri, Everest and Zhangmu, and ending at the defense highway of Kathmandu. Usually, it takes about 3 days to drive to the Friendship Bridge (the border of Nepal & Tibet) from Lhasa.

To be noticed that Non-Chinese nationals are not allowed driving the intercity buses in Tibet. And one must be accompanied by a local tour guide. It is not recommended to travel by buses, because it takes a too long time and you may be exhausted or get sick on the way. In Tibet, getting sick is a serious thing for travelers.

There are choices to take buses to get to Katmandu from Lhasa: one is a direct way and the other is a transfer way. Traveling by bus is a time-consuming way. So you must be prepared for this. 

►Option 1 Lhasa →Katmandu
Visitors can take international express from Lhasa to get direct to Katmandu. It only departs once a week at Friday during off-season. And there will be one more which departs at every Tuesday. It departs from Liuwu Bus Station. The journey takes about two days and a half. 

►Option 2 Lhasa →Shigatse →Zhangmu County→ border crossing→ Katmandu
The second way is more flexible in departing time. Visitors can take bus from Lhasa to get to Shigatse first. Then transfer to a bus which leaves for Zhangmu County, from where you can exit at the port. There are a lot of buses which depart from Lhasa Xi Jiao Bus Station in Lhasa to arrive at Shigatze. It should takes about 4 hours and then you can spend a nigh there. Next, you can catch a bus to get to Zhangmu and it takes about 15 hours. After get through the exit, you can catch a Jeep to Katmandu nearby.

►Option 3  Lhasa→Zhangmu County→ border crossing→ Katmandu
There are SUV cares leaving for Zhangmu County from Lhasa. Zhangmu County is located at the border of China-Nepal, from where you can go through the exit. One can find this kind of cares near to Consulate General of Federal Democratic Republic of Nepalin in Lhasa. The journey takes about 15 hours. Upon your arrival at Zhangmu, you are supposed to spend a night there and get through the exit next day. After get through the exit, you can catch a Jeep to Katmandu nearby.

Travel Guide
No matter where you are from, you should guarantee your Tibet entry permit in advance.
Before you get on the transport vehicle, make sure that your Nepal visa is pre-prepared. Or you can not pass the exit. 

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