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How to Plan a Trip to Yuanyang Rice Terraces

Yuanyang Rice Terraces is a captivating natural site for people to see a large scale of man-made rice terraces, and it is one of the best places to go in winter in Yunnan. For tourists who are planning a trip to Yuanyang Rice Terraces, here we edit this useful article covering the most needed Yuanyang travel tips.

how to plan a trip to  Yuanyang Rice Terraces

How to Get to Yuanyang Rice Terraces

how to plan a trip to  Yuanyang Rice Terraces

Yuanyang Rice Terraces location: Yuanyang Rice Terraces is located in Xinjie town, Yuanyang county, Yunnan province.

How to Get to Yuanyang Rice Terraces from Kunming

Option 1: by bus.

Tourists could take bus at Kunming South Bus Station to Yuanyang Xinjie Bus Station, and it takes 5-6 hours.

  • Service time: 10:20, 12:30, 18:00.
  • Ticket: 140 yuan.

Option 2: by train + bus

Tourists could take train from Kunming Railway Station to Jianshui Railway Station, and trains are available from 07:35 to 18:15, every 30-60 mins, and it takes about 2 hours. Then take bus from Jianshui Bus Station to Yuanyang Xinjie Bus Station, and it takes 2.5 hours to 3 hours.

Option 3: charter a car

Chartering a car is the most convenient way but also the most expensive way. You need a car for transport from Kunming and sightseeing in Yuanyang Rice Terraces, which is a big attraction. The fare for a single trip would be over 1000 yuan.  If you are in need of car rental service, you could contact us. We Top China Travel also offer car rental service, and will offer you cars, Chinese-speaking driver, and English-speaking tour guide.


Yuanyang Rice Terraces Facts

how to plan a trip to  Yuanyang Rice Terraces

Yuanyang Rice Terraces is a masterpiece made by generations of Hani people. Yuanyang Rice Terraces is the best part of Hani Rice Terraces which has an area of 66.7 thousand hectares in Yuanyang, Honghe, Jinping, and Lvchun and has been listed as World Heritage in 2013. Yuanyang Rice Terraces covers a land of 11.3 thousand hectares, and is divided into several parts. The size of terraces varies with mountain topography, like large slope land and small slope land. Yuanyang Rice Terraces is in the south of Ailaoshan Mountain, and its elevations is from the lowest 144 meters and 2940 meters, and the slope of terraces are between 15 ° to 75°, which makes the rice terraces more splendid.

Yuanyang Rice Terraces has three main scenic spots: Bada scenic spot, Laohuzui scenic spot, and Duoyishu scenic spot. Bada scenic spot is the biggest part and covers a land of 9,000 hectares, and consists of Jingkou, Quanfuzhuang, Malizhai, Zhulu terraces. Laohuzui scenic spot has a size about 400 hectares, including terraces in Mengpin, Dongpu, Amengkong, Baoshanzhai, etc. Duoyishu scenic spot has area of 667 hectare, including terraces in Duoyishu, Aichun, Dawazhe, etc. Yuanyang Rice Terraces is so large that you need 2 days to visit all of those rice terraces.

Open time: all day from 06:00-9:30.

Ticket: 100 yuan.

Best time to visit Yuanyang Rice Terraces: November to March.

Best observation place: Jingkou, Duoyishu, Laohuzui, and Bada observation deck.


Yuanyang Rice Terraces Highlights

how to plan a trip to  Yuanyang Rice Terraces

What to See in Yuanyang Rice Terraces

From November to March, the rice terraces are fully watered for plantation in next year, which makes the borders among terraces much more obvious, and water in the terraces is shining beautifully under sunlight. From January to February, tourists could see a large cloud sea, which gives the terraces a sense of mystery. After the Lantern Festival, Yuanyang Rice Terraces enters into a flower season, like wild cherry blossom, peach blossom and Kapok flower, and tourists could see a colorful flower sea.

In May, farmers begin to plant rice seedlings, and harvest rice in September. Tourists could see a golden rice terraces in September. In December, farmers would fill the rice terraces with water, and keep a layer of water in the rice terraces.

Don't miss: rice terraces filled with a layer of water, sunrise at Duoyishu scenic spot, sunset at Laohuzui scenic spot, panoramic views at Bada scenic spot, local culture experience and village sightseeing at Jingkou.

Best place to capture sunset: Laohuzui scenic spot.

Best places to capture sunrise: Duoyishu scenic spot.

Jingkou Folk Village. This village has an ecosystem of forest, water, village, and terraces, and in here tourist could experience local custom, distinctive culture of Hani ethnic group.

Laohuzui Rice Terrace. It is the best place to take photo of sunset. Mengpin Rice Terraces is in the center of Laohuzui Rice Terrace, and tourists could climb to its highest and have a panoramic view of this beautiful terraces.

Duoyishu Rice Terrace. Duoyishu Rice Terraces includes Duoyishu, Aichun, Dawangzhe, and it is surrounded by mountains in three sides, and valleys on the other side. Duoyishu is shrouded by clouds and mists all year round, making it the best place to capture sunrise, and this cloud sea is spectacular for photography.

Bada Rice Terrace. Bada Rice Terrace is splendid, and has beautiful lines and strong sense in three dimensions. Its highest place has an elevation over 2000 meters, and puts villages like Masu, Bada, Quanfuzhuang in the cloud sea. It has over 3, 700 layers of rice terraces, which is like a ladder to the sky.


Yuanyang Rice Terraces Tour Itinerary

Sightseeing days: 1-2 days.

If you want to visit most beautiful parts of Yuanyang Rice Terrace, you need at least1 day. For having a Yuanyang Rice Terrace tour, you need 1-2 days for transport, because a single trip from Kunming to Yuanyang takes 5-6 hours. If you take bus, you need 2 days for a round trip, and if you charter a car, you need 1 day. Here you should know it would be dangerous to drive 5-6 hours at night, especially in rainy days.

Sightseeing way: charter a car or hike.

Charting a car is the most convenient way to visit Yuanyang Rice Terraces, because it is a big attraction, and you would spend much time on sightseeing and walking. Tourists could charter a car from a travel agency or at Yuanyang Bus Station, or ask help from inns or hotels which you check in. The best way is to charter a car which drives you to Yuanyang from Kunming, helps you have a tour in Yuanyang Rice Terrace, and drives you back to Kunming.

how to plan a trip to  Yuanyang Rice Terraces

2 days tour to Yuanyang Rice Terraces

how to plan a trip to  Yuanyang Rice Terraces

To tourists who take bus from Kunming to Yuanyang:

Day 1, take bus from Kunming to Yuanyang, and have some rest. If you want to charter a car for sightseeing, especially in the case you want to see sunrise, you'd better charter a car for next day's Yuanyang Rice Terraces ahead of time.

Day 2, depart early to see sunrise, take a car to Yuanyang Rice Terraces and visit the first stop, Duoyishu scenic spot. For the specific time of sunrise, you could turn to the driver or staff at the accommodation place for help. The next stop is Bada scenic spot, and the last one is Laohuzui scenic spot for sunset. After the sightseeing, you could stay 1 more night at Yuanyang, and take bus back to Kunming next morning.

To tourists who charter a car to Yuanyang from Kunming.:

Day 1, take a car to Yuanyang Rice Terraces from Kunming in the morning, and visit Laohuzui scenic spots and enjoy its sunset in the afternoon. Back to Yuanyang Town for accommodation.

Day 2, star early for sunrise in Duoyishu scenic spot. And next stop is Bada scenic spot. Considering you have much time for sightseeing, you could visit many small rice terraces if you don't have a tight itinerary. If you are short of time, you could return back to Kunming at noon.

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