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Yuanyang Rice Terraces


Yuanyang County, Honghe Prefecture in southeastern Yunnan Province, China,

Reasons to visit

One of the most famous Rice Terraces scenic area in China; a good place to learn minority folk-custom in Yunnan area

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Yuanyang is a county located in southern Yunnan, lying down on the southern back of Red River. The breathtaking terraces cascade down the slopes of the towering Ailao Mountains to the banks of the Hong River, where is settlement of Hani ethnic people. They are mainly good at agriculture, and the terraced fields are hewn from the rolling topography by the Hani throughout hard work.Yuanyang Rice terrace is in remote, which is hard to be disturbed by culture from outside and reserve pure ethnic culture. The breathtaking landscape is treasure who loves nature.

As a multi-minority habit, there are seven ethnic groups separately Hani, Yi, Dai, Miao, Yao, Zhuang, and Han. These ethnic cultures come together and let Yuanyang become a place with very folk customs without too much disturbs from the outside. And also, no noise world means no too much destroy, the landscape is precious for people who love the nature.

Features of Yuanyang - Terraced Filed

Ranking as one of the top terraced fields in the world, the Yuanyang Terraced Field is famous for the magnificent scenes and boundless area. When in the sunrise, the field will be immersed in the fog which is a fairy land on the ground; when in the sunset, all the fields are covered by golden silk which is more like a masterpiece by a master.
There are four features of Yuanyang Terraced Filed
► Boundless area: it is a place connecting by terraced fields rather than plain routes.
► Steep terrain: not only gentle slope but also dangerous cliff, terraced fields can be seen here and there
► Many layers: the most number of layers of an area of terraced field can reach to 3000
► High altitudes: the highest altitude to plant this field can be more than 2000m

The significance in China tourism
Some one says: it is hard to find out a suitable word to describe the amazing land; it is hard to find out a photographer to restore the color of this land on the image totally. If you are a traveller, Yuanyang may show her depressing towards you if you miss the tour there. If you are a photographer, the God may be sad for you if you have no chance to there.

The cultural symbol of Yuanyang Terraced Field
Yuanyang Terraced Field is the cultural essence passed by generations. The large area of the field could not be built just in a night. Each part of this field is a page of the history book related to the Hani ethnic group.

Main Attractions to See in Yuanyang Rice Terraced Field

Duoyishu Scenic Area in Yuanyang

Duoyishu Scenic Area is one of the highlights in Yuanyang Terraced Field. With about 55km away in the east side of Yuanyang county, and about 25km away from Yuanyang New Town.

• Duoyishu--Best place to See Sunrise in Yuanyang Rice Terrace

► Minorities villages: there are 5 Hani ethnic villages and 4 Yi ethnic villages inside this area.
► Unique civilizational scenery: pictures formed by cloud sea, terraced fields, and dwelling villages
► No polluted nature: about 16,000 hectares virgin forest including national protecting grade one and grade two animals

Duoyishu Scenic Area is surrounded by mountains in three sides, and falling down in to a valley on the last side. So the whole of this area is more like a bay. The countless villages and local houses spotted on the mountain slope are looked like ships which are preparing to set to the sea. Extending from the east to the west, the 6,000 hectares terraced field can be seen from the top.

The up half of the terraced field is in a light slope, seen from away, like thousands of snakes moving slowly. While the down half of the terraced field is in a deep valley, seen from afar, like many skyscapes falling down. The exciting and amazing feeling could not be described till you have see the scene by yourself. When the field is immersed by water, it will be more like a large waterfall from the north flowing to the south.

If you are lucky enough, there are two days in Duoyishu Scenic Area will be surrounded by clouds. Clouds stay inside this “bay”, sometimes may be hidden while sometimes may cover the whole area. The different scenes may emerge repeatedly. So these two days may be the golden time to catch the most beautiful moment of Duoyishu Terraced Field.
• Duoyishu Sunrise
Duoyishu is ranked as the top choice to take sunrise photos in Yuanyang Terraced Field. When the sun rise from the ground, the terraced field which is still immersed in the misty gradually turned into clear. We may see the field turning from fantasy into reality just in a morning. The sunrise in Duoyishu will let people be in a giant maze without the specified start point and ends. The various scenes changing by the time will make a Shangri-La for people there.

Bada Scenic Area

Bada Scenic area is regarded as one of the top three scenic spots in Yuanyang rice terrace. It is the best place to see sunset and the largest scenic spot in Yuanyang rice terrace. The highlight is that tourists can see thousands of sun from the water of the field. The beauty of line and strong stereoscopic sensation always make every tourist marvels at the creation and artistic ability of Hani people.

►Beside the magnificent terraced field scenery, people can also appreciate houses in mushroom shapes, ancient canals, water mill, etc.
► And also people can know about minority clothing and life utensils of Hani people
► The clean spring which called Bai Long Quan (White dragon spring) as the main water resource in this village

Laohuzui Scenic Area

Laohuzui Scenic Area is located about 50km away from Yuanyang County. It is an terraced field spreading in deep valley, like a large stamen hidden in the mountain.

About 3,000 mu terraced field in different parts with various sizes and shapes is charming and breathtaking when standing on the top to appreciate the scenery. Besides as a miracle of human being’s intelligence, Laohuzui is an area featured by colorful layers. The scene is more like a painting rather than a nature scenery.

Laohuzui is the most representative and magnificent place. If you view the field from the top of Laohuzui Scenic Area, you may see the field more like thousands of waves, while from another view, like two horses running in the valley; and then continue to change into another angle, you may find a tortoise lying in the mountain.

Fame in the world: In Mar 1993, the famous movie manufacturer Rama Yang had been Laohuzui and immediately caught by the charming scenery. And his weeding was held in the terraced field. After that, he also made a video about this place called “The Mountains of the Sculptor” to spread this fairy land. In 1993, the video was choose as “one of the seven human landscapes in 1993”. Since that, Laohuzui began as one of the most famous fields scenery in the world. And more and more photographers had printed their footprints there.

Laohuzui Sunset: The sunset in Laohuzui is a good recommendation for you. There are two sites to appreciate the terraced. One is on the half of the mountain to get in touch with the great wonder. And other is along the terraced field to feel the local life atmosphere of farmers.

Tips for photographers

► The best time to take photos in Yuanyang may be from mid-Nov to April in the next year, and the ideal period will be Jan and Feb. While it is also the Spring Festival holiday so the rooms may be in an urgent available.

Duoyishu Part may be the most essential one in Yuanyang Terraced Field, and Laohuzui part will let you have a grand view to take the field

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