Famous Food in Hong Kong

While traveling in Hong Kong, in the early morning, you can follow the local people of Hong Kong to taste morning tea which provides you a pot of tea, delicious snack, or to take a look at the newspaper and chat with your friends; at noon, you can go the local tea restaurant to have a taste of authentic Hong Kong style roasted flavored rice, or the Hong Kong-style wonton; in the afternoon, the dessert shops with a variety of desserts like Mango Pancake, sesame paste beancurd jelly, etc. spreaded all over the Hong Kong will attract you; and on the evening, you can use exactly prestigious seafood to treat yourself.

If you not interested in the traditional Hong Kong-style cuisine, the "Food Paradise" -Hong Kong will never let you down. Here, you can find French cuisine, Japanese drink, Korean barbecue, even elsewhere rare Mediterranean dish, Nepalesel dish, the North Vietnamese cuisine, Spanish food, Argentinean food, Portuguese cuisine, Russian cuisine, Australian cuisine, Indian cuisine, Cuban cuisine, American dishes, etc.

Top China Travel has listed some famous restaurant in Hong Kong for your reference, hence, you can have a good choice for your meals during your Hong Kong Tours.

Hong Kong Dim Sum
Hong Kong Dim Sum is undoubtedly the best in the world. Dim sum restaurants in Hong Kong were the forerunners for those in America, and can be regared as one of Hong Kong's must try experiences.

If you are on a tour of Hong Kong, never fail to bite into Dim Sum, the tastiest collection of delicacies served in bamboo steamers, or crisp Peking Duck carved at your table. Dim Sum is the most famous in the long list of dishes in a Hong Kong meal. Impressively shaped, bite-size portions of dumplings with lightly seasoned fillings of meat and seafish, fluffy buns with various fillings and glutinous rice - all deliciously steamed - just ignite the taste buds. Dim Sum is not a word that only for one snack. Various snacks with attractive appearances and alluring smells make this food be well loved by all generations around the world.

Hawker Food
If you want to eat the most local snacks of Hong Kong, you should mot miss the hawker food along the street. It is hard to say what kind of hawker food is the first choice to buy. When you walk along the lane, some streetside food stalls, operated by usually 1 or 2 people pushing a cart, will give you a good appetite at once. Popular dishes sold by these hawkers are wantan noodle, beef noodle, soy bean curd and fishballs on sticks.

Sprung up in 1970s to 1980s, hawker food stalls are struggle with the governmental administrations. This mobile food culture still exists today for its popularity among the local citizens. During some very particular period, those office workers who have finished their day work will take a seat to savour varieties of hawker food along the streets and night markets. It is a comfortable way to release the pressure from the daily duty.

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