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Hawker Food

If you want to eat the most local snacks of Hong Kong, you should mot miss the hawker food along the street.

It is hard to say what kind of hawker food is the first choice to buy. When you walk along the lane, some streetside food stalls, operated by usually 1 or 2 people pushing a cart, will give you a good appetite at once.
Hawker Food


The situation of Hong Kong Hawker

Sprung up in 1970s to 1980s, hawker food stalls are struggle with the governmental administrations. This mobile food culture still exists today for its popularity among the local citizens.
Hawker Food

During some very particular period, those office workers who have finished their day work will take a seat to savour varieties of hawker food along the streets and night markets. It is a comfortable way to release the pressure from the daily duty.

Hawker Food

What are sold

Popular dishes sold by these hawkers are wantan noodle, beef noodle, soy bean curd and fishballs on sticks.

Eating in Hongkong

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