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Top 6 Things to Do in Hangzhou

Hangzhou, with its heavenly beautiful sceneries, enjoys the fame of real paradise on earth together with Suzhou. No matter the world-famous West Lake, or splendid culture and long history, Hangzhou is worth visiting with no doubts. What to do in Hangzhou? Here are so many things you can do in Hangzhou, top 6 things to do in Hangzhou listed below may help you better explore an exceptional Hangzhou.


1. Catch all the glamor of West Lake

West Lake in Hangzou enjoys an incredible fame in China and also in the world. Regardless of seasons and weather, the West Lake, embraced by green mountains on three sides and surrounded by ancient pagodas, small islands, and three lake dykes. shows its changeable glamor to us from day to night. Go find out the most suitable way for you to catch all the glamor of West Lake.


enlightenedTop ways to capture the best sceneries of West Lake:

  • Walk around West Lake
  • Go cycling around West Lake
  • Ride on the Round-the-Lake Sightseeing Golf Cart
  • Take a boat on West Lake
  • Watch the Impression Show of West Lake at night


2. Experience Buddhism culture in Hangzhou

Hangzhou is deeply influenced by Buddhism culture, so that experience Buddhism culture will be one of the top things you should do in Hangzhou. The most famous temple in Hangzhou is Lingyin Temple, which is one of the top ten most famous ancient Buddhist monasteries in China. After visiting Lingyin Temple, you’d better not miss Peak Flown from Afar near Lingyin Temple, it is a famous Buddhist hill which is well-known for the great sceneries with stone carvings.

Lingyin Temple

For more places to experience Buddhism culture in Hangzhou, go to Six Harmonies Pagoda. Situated near Qiantang River, Six Harmonies Pagoda is the best place to overlook Qiantang River for the breathtaking sceneries of the world’s largest tidal wave.


3. Choose a water town near Hangzhou to visit

Visit water towns around Hangzhou must be one of the top things to do in Hangzhou. The perfect combination of ancient architectures and water views creates a wonderful chance for you to enjoy a leisure time during your trip in Hangzhou. You can choose one to visit from these three water towns near Hangzhou.

  • Wuzhen Water Town, situated 60 kilometers away from Hangzhou, has a splendid long history of more than six thousand years. With the Grand Canal passing by, Wuzhen Water Town kindly shows a picture of charming ancient town with long history, colorful folk culture and extraordinary landscape.
  • Xitang Water Town, takes about 90 minutes to get from Hangzhou, is also a famous ancient town, smaller, less commercialized with more original outlook of how a typical ancient water town should be.
  • Nanxun Water Town, well-preserved the most original ancient architectures and culture. Numerous historical sites along with the beautiful natural sceneries create a poetic world full of harmony.

Wuzhen Water Town

4. Explore Hangzhou tea culture in Meijiawu Tea Village

Dragon Well Tea, or Longjing Tea, is one of the most famous ten kinds of tea in China. For those who love Chinese tea culture and fond of Dragon Well Tea, don’t miss the best thing for you to do in Hangzhou. Go to Meijiawu Tea Village to have a look at tea planation and explore Hangzhou tea culture, it’s really one of the unusual things to do in Hangzhou.


5. Get close to the local culture of Hangzhou along Qinghefang Street

Qinghefang Street has been a prosperous street since ancient times, and it’s still one of the most prosperous areas in Hangzhou now. It is an ideal place for you to get close to the local culture and experience the long history of Hangzhou, ancient buildings, characteristic shops and different restaurants provide more choices for things to do at night in Hangzhou. You could either seek for delicious snacks or do shopping for some featured souvenirs along Qinghefang Street.


6. Fulfill your cultural discovery trip in Hangzhou

Hangzhou is no wonder a great place for you to start a cultural discovery trip in China. Except for Buddhism culture and tea culture, culture of silk and traditional Chinese medicine makes Hangzhou more attractive. Pay a visit to China Silk Museum or Hu Qingyu Traditional Pharmacy to fulfill your cultural discovery trip in Hangzhou.


Create an unforgettable memory in Hangzhou

Hangzhou offers all the tourists the best natural sceneries and splendid culture, you will definitely have an unforgettable memory in Hangzhou. Tours below may meet all your expectations for the best of Hangzhou.

3 Days Hangzhou City Essence Tour: West Lake, Lingyin Temple, Meijiawu Tea Plantation, Chenghuang Pavilion, Hefang Street

4 Days Hangzhou and Wuzhen Water Town Tour: West Lake, Lingyin Temple, Six Harmonies Pagoda, Hu Qingyu Traditional Pharmacy, China Tea Museum, Wuzhen Water Town

Around one hour by high speed train, you can also consider connecting your Hangzhou trip with Shanghai. Check details if you have interests.

5 Days Shanghai and Hangzhou Tour: Jade Buddha Temple, the Bund, Yuyuan Garden, Nanjing Road, West Lake, Linyin Temple, Six Harmonious Pagoda, Qinghefang Street, Meijiawu Tea Village

Feel free to contact us if you have any doubts, we’re pleased to help you with your Hangzhou travel plan. You can also tailor-made your own Hangzhou tour at Free Online Tailor-made Tour to create your unique Hangzhou tour.

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