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Things to Do at Night in Hangzhou

Hangzhou is located the east of China. It is quite closed to famous tourist cities like Huangshan, Suzhou and Shanghai. After doing city tours in the day in Hangzhou, you may want to do something in the evening to maximize your time in the city. But what to do in Hangzho? There are a lot of things to do at night in Hangzhou.

Here TCT would like to introduce some activities, entertainment, shopping sites for your nightlife guide in Hangzhou for your reference.

Activities/Entertainment at Night in Hangzhou

Regarding to activities or entertainment at night in Hangzhou, you can watch the Impression Show of West Lake, enjoy the Show - the Romance of the Song Dynasty, or admire musical fountain of West Lake. 

Watch the Impression Show of West Lake

  • Venue: on West Lake across Temple of Yue, Beishan Road, Xihu District, Hangzhou
  • First show: 19:45-21:00 (every day)
  • Second show: 21:15-22:30 (every Thu-Sat)

The glorious show named Impression of West Lake is an optional entertainment for your Hangzhou night. Staged on the wavy, mellow and changing West Lake, the performance appears vivid and natural. Contented with the myths and legends of the West Lake, the show leads you to a sweet thousand-year dream.


Enjoy the Show - the Romance of the Song Dynasty

  • Venue: Theater in Song Park Scenic Spot
  • Address: 148, Zhijiang Road
  • Duration: 1 hour (20:00 – 21:00 every day)

The Romance of the Song Dynasty is a large stereoscopic musical drama which was wholeheartedly made by Song Dynasty City. The drama adopted the old stories and legends in Hangzhou City, integrated the world music with acrobatic art, applied the high technology to create a dreamy poetic imagery. You can have a strong visual impact. Till now, the drama has received more than ten million audiences and wins a large outpouring of favorable comments. It is a must for the visitors coming to Hangzhou.

Enjoy Musical Fountain of West Lake

Musical Fountain of West Lake is sited in a lake in Hu Bin San Lakeside Park. The 126 meters long musical fountain not only shows its charm grace in the evening, but also during the day. Well-designed fountain nozzles can rotate for 360 degrees. In accordance of the music, it displays a variety of shapes of the discharge of water, mist and water polo. Musical Fountain is a fountain that can make the ever-changing style with colorful lightings to reflect the music. A good musical fountain, water should be able to change shape to fully express the music.

The arc-shaped West Lake Musical Fountain ranges about 100 meters long and 2 meters wide. The entire musical fountain has 6 types of nozzle to make different shapes and LED lights, and each light can change to different colors. Musical Fountain of West Lake would be a acoustic and visual feast for visitors.

Schedule of Musical Fountain Performance for your reference:
In the day: at 10:00am and 3:30pm, lasting for 10 minutes each time.
In the evening for Monday to Friday: at 7:30pm, 8:00pm. 8:30pm and 9:00pm, lasting for 10 minutes each time.
In the evening for Saturday to Sunday: at 7:30pm, 8:00pm. 8:30pm, 9:00pm and 9:30pm, lasting for 10 minutes each time.

Take a Night Cruise along the Grand Canal

The Grand Canal in Hangzhou start from Yu Hang Tang Xi(Chinese:余杭塘栖) in the north and ends in Qiantang River in the south, with a length of 39 kilometers. The Grand Canal is a world cultural heritage. There are a lot of attractions that are themed with canal culture and history along the both sides of the canal. There are also old streets, museums and food streets. But the attractions are scattered. If you want to go to visit them one by one, it may take a lot of time. Therefore, you may take a cruise along the canal to admire the beautiful night view that is decorated with lighting lanterns.


Go Shopping at Night in Hangzhou

Hangzhou is one of important of electronic commerce center in China. Shopping is easy here and the price is reasonable. There are quite a few famous shopping streets and malls in the city for visitors to enjoy shopping time.

Qinghefang Street 

Address: At the southern end of Yan’an Road and the northern foot of Wu Shan Hill, Shangcheng District, Hangzhou
What to buy: unique souvenirs such as bamboo flute, knitting sweaters, Chinese calligraphy tools

In front of a crystal crafts shop in Qinghefang Street, a group of tourists are fascinated by the exquisite craftsmanship of the shop owner who has even forgotten to do the business. This is a very common scene on Qinghefang Street. Now more and more such shop owners can be seen in Qinghefang Street: those who sell the bamboo flutes play the flute at the shop; those who sell the knitting sweaters knit the sweater; and those who sell the writing brushes make them at the shop. The harmonious combination of such traditional "workshop" model of business operation with the tourism has become an attractive scene to tourists.

The street collects the business culture, construction culture and folk art culture, famous people, old alleys, ancient houses and renowned store accumulating rich historical and cultural heritage. It is the epitome of Hangzhou.

Silk Market

  • Address: Xinhua Road, Xiacheng District, Hangzhou
  • What to buy: Silk products

If you are looking for a market to sell Hangzhou silk, you should mot miss the Silk Market in Xinhua Road. It is the best place for you to seek high quality silk products in this city.

Hangzhou Silk has a long standing reputation throughout the world for its old history, numerous varieties, good quality and magnificent color. The Silk Market is an old-time favorite when looking for small gifts or fabric for that robe. They have a range of quality and taste, and it's all nicely priced.

Wulin Street

  • Address: At the downtown area, Xiacheng District, Hangzhou
  • What to buy: garments and clothes accessories

Wulin Street is a characteristic commercial street in Hangzhou which perfectly integrated shopping, entertainment, tourism, and leisure together. Nearby in the Wulin Square, it is a large number of upscale shopping venues and top-end department stores.

Some one calls this street as female fashion street. The garments and clothes accessories are characterized by modern individuality with quite a number of world famous brands. Originally as a region of stores selling cell phones, it has transformed into a fashion dress street for women just over the past few years. There are also some women barbers, beauty saloons, fitness centers here, adding another leisure variety to the fashion life of the street.

Have a Leisure time at Night Markets

There are not only malls, department stores and high-end custom in life. Sometimes, you may have much more fun to visit to street vendors or markets. You can enjoy the fun of searching great stuff and bargaining. The chaotic street life can have fun too. Famous night street markets include Wushan Night Market and Wulin Night Market.

Wushan Night Market - The most authentic old night market

Where to go in Hangzhou to make you look like a local? Off course it should be in Wushan Night Market, which is the most authentic old night market. Here collects herve leger small commodities, and the price is cheap. You can do bargain with the sellers, or shop around to get a good buy and avoid wasting money. And you can get to learn how local people live their lives. Except for shopping here, you can also tasty local authentic food at midnight snack booths. But these booths are open places and usually simple and shabby with only a row of the table and several chairs. If you do mind it, just do not try it.

Wulin Night Market - Women Street of Hangzhou

Night market is the best place to get to know the civil life of local people. No matter where you are in a market, it has always bustling crowd. Wulin Night Market is sited in Longyou Road and it enjoys convenient transportation. If the weather is good, here will be crowded with visitors and market stalls. Here sells cheap clothing, souvenirs, cheap bags, etc. You can buy fine things in reasonable price. This is perfect place for women to do shopping. And there is also a variety of cooked food stalls in the market. You can taste all kinds of local snacks and food, which is the fund of a market.

The above recommended activities are popular things to do at night in Hangzhou. Hope this nightlife guide help you to enjoy your evening time in Hangzhou. Except for these, there are a lot more possibility for what to do at night in Hangzhou. You can explore the city by yourself upon your arrival.

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