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Where is Yunhe Rice Terrace and How to Get to Yunhe Rice Terrace

Travel from Hangzhou to Yunhe Rice Terrace

Where is Yunhe Rice Terrace?

Yunhe Rice Terraces (云和梯田)are located in Yunhe County, Lishui City, in the south of Zhejiang Province, China. It is a quite distance from Hangzhou City.

Together with Yuanyang Rice Terraces (元阳梯田) in Yunnan, Longji Rice Terrace (龙脊梯田) in Guilin and Ziquejie Rice Terraces (紫鹊界梯田) in Loudi city Hunan province, it is one of the most beautiful rice terraces in China.

How to Get to Yunhe Rice Terrace from Hangzhou?

For Yunhe Rice Terrace is sited in Lishui City and there is no direct bus or train from Hangzhou to the Yunhe Rice Terrace area, so you have to get to Lishui city by train or by bus first, then transfer to the Yunhe rice terrace area from there.

Option A

You can take high-speed train from Hangzhou East Station (杭州东站 ) to Lishui (丽水). There are 34 high-speed trains between the two cities every day and they usually depart from Hangzou East Railway Station to Lishui Railway Station. The time duration on the train is about 1 hour and 30 minutes. The first train departs at 06:00 and the last train departs at 20:30 every day and the ticket fare ranges from 104 to 324 yuan depending what type of seat you choose.

Yunhe County is 67 kilometers southwest of Lishui city. Shuttle buses between Yunhe and Lishui are available at Lishui Railway Station. So, upon your arrival in Lishui city by train, you can hop on a bus by the train station to reach Yunhe County. Then transfer to local minibus to arrive at rice terrace area in Yunhe County.

Option B

There are 2 buses leaving for Yunhe county from Hangzhou. They usually depart from Hangzhou South Bus Station (杭州汽车南站) and arrive at Yunhe Bus Station. The first bus departs at 09:40 and the second bus departs at 13:40. The ticket fare is about 100 yuan. Upon your arrival in Yunhe, you can transfer to a local minibus to get to the rice terrace area for your sightseeing.

As for which option to choose, it depends on your budget and your time schedule.

Travel Tips

  • Given that Yunhe Rice Terrace is a popular site, book train ticket in advance is advised.
  • Yunhe Rice Terrace is a whole, which is very beautiful for the whole place. If you want to take photos, Wuping Village and Xiayang Village are best places to go.
  • Best time to visit Yunhe Rice Terraces is from May to November. This place has a subtropical monsoon climate, with warm and humid temperature.

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