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Travellers interested in scenery, choose Guilin or Shanghai?

As you are scenery and relaxing travellers, Shanghai may be not very suitable for you because it is a comparative busy metropolis. It is more famous for modern city view instead of natural landscape. Suzhou or Guilin can be a consideration.

Here we share some tips on these three cities with you.
Shanghai is a modern city. And for me, it is a shopping paradise when I walked on the Nanjing Road. The scenery of this city emphasizes on magnificant style such as Shanghai Oriental TV Tower, Shanghai International Financial Center, the Bund, Nanjing Road, etc. You can see high buildings and large mansions everywhere in Shanghai. This buidlings decorated with neon lights looks quite attractive.
Shanghai City View
Shanghai City View
There are two famous water towns near Suzhou called Zhouzhuang Water Town and Tongli Water Town. For me, For some visitors, Zhouzhuang is too commercial so that most original style had been disappeared. Tongli Water Town is quieter. And local residents in this town will let you to get touch with the very local lifestyle.
Guilin enjoys an international fame because of it splendid natural scenery, including the clear water, green mountains and unique karst landform. As our knowledge in Guilin, it will be an ideal destination for you because this city is a relaxing city with beautiful scenery to see. The whole city is more like a park. Local people are hospitality. And lower daily life cost makes this city always in a slower rhythm than other cities.
Guilin City View

In a word, if travellers are more interested in scenery, you'd better choose to travel to Guilin instead of Shanghai.