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Travel to Guiling Longsheng

Situated northeast of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, 100 Km away from Guilin, Longsheng is a fascinating scenic spot for tourism. It is well known for her enchanting scenery, plenty of local products and several of colorful national minorities’ customs. The Dragon Backbone terraced fields are second to none in the world by its scenery beauty. Surrounded by green hills and with fresh air and pure and clean water, the Hot-spring of Longsheng is an ideal resort for both tourism and health care. And adjacent to the hot spring, the Forest Park is covered with thick forest. There are precipitous suspension bridge, lovely monkeys as well as the intoxicating scene inside the park. All these will make you reluctant to leave.
It is about two hours drive to the north through twisty mountain roads from Guilin to Longsheng town. It is also possible to get to Longsheng on public transport from Guilin. From Longsheng, the Longji terraces are a further hour or so by local bus. Buses can take you straight to either one of the villages from Longsheng, enquire which village beforehand, if you have one in mind for late-arrival accommodation purposes. Upon your arrival there, traveling between the two villages is straightforward. It's faster if you change the bus at Heping instead of Longsheng - a village before reaching Longsheng County, but there is no bus terminal and you have to wait by the road and also some taxidrivers will bother you. The buses to Longsheng leave from the new bus terminal near the LIQ-Brewerie.

What to See in Longsheng

In Longsheng there are numerous terraced fields, of which the terraced Fields in Longji village show a picture of great momentum and imposing beauty, being reputed as "having no match in the world" and made one of the best 20 scenic spots in Guangxi.

Longji Rice Terraced Fields can be divided into Jinkeng (Dazhai) Yao Terrace Scenic Spot and Pingan Zhuang Terraced observation area. Generally Longji Terrace refers to Pingan Zhuang Terraced Fields, and it is the earliest developed terraced field. Terrace field distribution is at an altitude of 300 meters to 1100 meters, maximum gradient of up to 50 degrees. The way to the terrace nearly is winding road that all up to about 600 meters above sea level, and when arrive at the terrace it is at an altitude of 880 meters.
Huangluo Yao Village
Huangluo Yao Village is located on the Longji Scenic Area. It is one of the thirteen Yao ethnic villages in Longji. The ethnic group living here are the red Yao ethnic people.
Huangluo Yao Village is inside Longji scenic area, it is the only Yao village among thirteen villages of Longji, inhabited by Red Yao minority. Red Yao women have tradition since ancient times to keep their hair. The longest hair in that village is up to 1.7 meters. And it is known as the First Long Hair Village in the world.
There are about 170 families in Pingan Village with more than 700 people. All of these people have the same family name “Liao”. There are two attractive sites in Pingan Village called “Moon with seven stars” and “Nine dragons and five tigers” separately.

From the No.1 scenic spot on the Pingan Zhuang Terraced Fields you can see "Nine Dragons and Five Tigers, and Two Dragons are Snapping at a Pearl" spectacular landscape, along the terraced fields you can see the direction of the nine mountain range is like nine dragons swooping down from the sky to the golden river water, next to the dragon there are five tiger squatted on the ground, guarding this land.
Longsheng Ailing Hot Spring reputed to be "a heaven of peace and happiness" and "paradise on earth". It is the centerpiece of the national park.

Longsheng Hot Spring is incomparable due to its beautiful environment and good water quality. The spring is spewing out from the hillside; the spring is pure as if it comes from a large of distillation tower, distilled from spotless.

What to Do in Longsheng

► Have a hiking day in Longji
Venue: Longsheng County in Guilin
Duration: full day

The rice terraces are built into the hillsides and look like great steps cut into the slopes as they wind around the mountainsides. During different time, you might see different scenery. From May 25 to June 11, when the rice was just transplanted, the terraces are filled with water, the scenery is very beautiful. And in the middle July, the rice just grows up and fields are so green and the weather here is very cool. Before or after Mid-Autumn Day you will find that the whole terrace field is golden.Hiking is the best way to admire and experience the green terraced rice paddy of Longji, especially in summer. The hiking route will begins at Pingan Daizhai and finishes in Jinkeng.

Where to Accommodate in Longsheng

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