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Pingan Zhuang Village


Longshen County, Guilin, Guangxi, China

Reasons to visit

Best place to admire the beautiful landscape of both Ethnic minority villages and rice terrace fields

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There are about 170 families in Pingan Village with more than 700 people. All of these people have the same family name "Liao". There are two attractive sites in Pingan Village called "Moon with seven stars" and "Nine dragons and five tigers" separately.

Pingan Zhuang Village was originally built in the end of Ming Dynasty. It is the code village in Longji area. The well-preserved Zhuang ethnic cloth and lifestyle make this village attractive and special for visitors to come.

People can see the traditional three-floor wooden buildings which features the typical architectural style in northern Guangxi. Forests and terrace fileds are surrounded around these buildings. The quiet and elegant place keeps a moderate temperature all year around.

What to See

People can see the scene "Nine dragons and five tigers" when in the Longji Pingan Zhuang Village. People can see nine mountain ranges from a long-distance area. These nine ranges are just looked like nine dragons that come from the heaven and drink the Jinjiang River water. While near these nine dragons, there are five mountains which are looked like tigers that are regarded as the safe guards of this land. Person who can see this scene will be reach person not only in property aspect but also in intelligence aspect.

Pingan Village may be the heaven for photographers. In spring, terrace fields are in the silver color. In summer, green fields form into a belt. In autumn, golden pagodas spread here and there. In winter, countless dragons are playing water here.

What to Eat

There are four treasures in Pingan Zhuang Village: Longji Pepper, Longji glutinous rice, Longji rice wine and Longji tea.

The best time to visit Pingan Zhuang Village

The best travel time is May, June, September and October, especially on April 15th in lunar calendar when villager transplant rice seedings and draw off the water and September in lunar calendar after rice is mature, at these two period is the most beautiful time in a year.

Landscape features

In mid-April to mid and late June—water planting;
Early July to the early and middle September—rice seedlings is vigorous at that time, green spread all over the place;
Mid to late September to early and middle November—this period is harvest season, at that time the rice terrace is golden which look likes golden dragon ridge of the;
Mid to late December to the early and middle February—this period is winter, Longji becomes silver and the vantage point can be in Jinkeng Rice Terrace scenic spot);
March—Longji rape flower is in full bloom.

How to get to Pingan Zhuang Village from Guilin

1. Taking express bus from Guilin to Longsheng county bus station (1 hour and 40 minustes), and in the Longsheng bus station transfer to bus from Longsheng to Pingan parking lot (Longji) bus and get off at the Pingan village parking lot, the driving time is about 1 hour. Departure time: at 7:30, 9:00, 11:00, 13:00 and 15:00, 17:00. Then walk 20 minutes to Pingan village.
2. Taking slow bus to Heping country (Longji road crossing, where has a large terrace billboards, about 1 hour 40 minutes), and then at intersection you can flag down a pass-by bus from Longsheng to Longji (it takes about 30 minutes by bus from Longsheng to Longji road crossing).
3. If miss the bus to Longji, there is a way. In Longsheng road crossing flag down bus from Longshen to Dazhai (Dahu Mountain) and go to the turnoff for Pingan and Dazhai terraces, there is a large billboard, after crossing the bridge and then walk to Pingan (6 km, walking for 1 hour).

How to pass through two scenic spots (Pingan Zhuang Village and Jinkeng Red Yao Rice Terrace)

The first way: go hiking to Pingan from the folk road of No.1 Jinkeng Rice Terrace to No.2 Jinkeng Rice Terrace, which takes 3-4 hours. On the way there are lots of fork roads, it is best to hire a guide. If not, please remember that going the way of stone road, and ask the way all the time. This route is the first choice for many outdoor enthusiasts, because through this way will pass by six villages. The people are simple in these villages, and the scenery is beautiful which the best route for hiking is.
The second way: taking bus in Dazhai to Longsheng, after arriving Erlong Bridge (the turnoff for Pingan terraces and Dazhai terrace) then transfer to the van or charter a car to Pingan parking lot, and then walk 20 minutes to reach Pingan village.


Generally seeing Longji Terrace needs 2 days, if you only have one day, you'd better take the one-day tour of Guilin local travel agency.

1. Taking direct bus from Guilin on the first day, and it is about 12 o 'clock when arrive at Dazhai. During this day you visit No.1 scenery (Xishan Shaoyue) and No.2 scenery (Thousand tiers terrace).
2. On the second day after watching the sunrise in the morning in No.1 scenic spot, people who have breakfast and have strength can go downhill from No.3 scenic spot (Golden Buddha Peak), but if you chose this way there is no any step back. Later you can visit to Pingan terrace to see attractions of Nine Dragons and Five Tigers and Seven Star with Moon, and then return to Guilin from Pingan Zhuang Village Scenic Spot, scenic spot ticket is through ticket.

Accommodation in Pingan Zhuang Village

Pingan Longji hotel is the stilted wooden building built by local villagers. There are multiple bedded rooms, double rooms, and double rooms with independent wash room.

Suggestion: if people who are afraid of noisy when sleep, should choose inner room on the top, at least to live on the top floor. If someone walk around in the wooden building, it is hard to fall asleep.

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