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Five Beautiful Sceneries along Li River

is one of rivers with most beautiful landscapes. It has been eulogized as a fascinating scroll of traditional Chinese painting by celebrities of ancient and modern, domestic and overseas. The Five Beautiful Sceneries along Li River are as below. Pls come with Top China Travel to explore the amazing Li River.
 Five Beautiful Sceneries along Li River
Yangdi Misty Drizzle

Li River Misty Drizzle is one of the special sceneries of the Li River. Yangdi is the best place to appreciate this beauty. When come to Yangdi in rainy days, you will see the cloud surround hills; waterfall falls down like flying white cloth. The boats on the water just show it shadow, and the river surface seems covered with a layer of mist. All things in the rain are blurring just like in dream. If you fortunately encounter the rainy days when you travel to Guilin, you will see the beautiful Yangdi Misty Drizzle.
Langshi Fairyland

Langshi Fairyland, with green water, strange hills, thick forest and green bamboo, old villages, attracts many tourists to appreciate the scenes. Especially the reflection of the forest, hills and distant mountains just looks like a scroll of Chinese panting. From April to July, the weather in here and Yangdi are rainy and misty. In the Erlang Gorge, there are Painting Brush Hill, Guanyin Hill, Five Finger Mountain, Apple Mountain and other scenic spots.
Mural Hill
Mural Hill is the most famous fresco hill along the Li River. It is 416 m high. As a natural wonder, it is just like a painting of handsome horses. The nine horses on the cliff are standing or lying on the ground, running or jumping, drinking water or neighing, just as lively as the real horse. For example, the one on the top of the cliff, just like a horse neighing, and the one on the bottom is lower the head to drink water, with its tail high up. Some thought the tail looks more like the head of a horse and it is a running horse.
Five Beautiful Sceneries along Li River
Reflection of Yellow Cloth Shoal

Reflection of Yellow Cloth Shoal is the cream of the essence of Li River located in Xingping Scenic Area. When the boat passes by Yangdi and Mural Hill, the surface of the river is gradually open. The surface of the water is just like a huge mirror, reflecting the green hills, which is very amazing. The beauty of Li River is in the reflection, and the most beautiful reflection is the reflection of Yellow Cloth Shoal. There is a maize-yellow flagstone, long and wide, just like a yellow cloth spreads on the bottom of Li River, hence the name of Yellow Cloth Shoal.
Yangshuo Xingping Scenic Area

Xingping Ancient Town, green bamboos in Xingping Scenic Area, reflection, green water and hills forms the finale highlights of the Li River. In Yangshuo Xingping Scenic Area, you can see Camel Hill, Snail Hill, “Beauty Looking into the Mirror”, “Carp to block the river” and many other scenic spots. The back scenery printing on the 20 CNY paper money is just the scenery of Xingping.