The Best Places to Visit in Foshan

Foshan has rich tourist and natural resource. The ecology environment in Foshan is also fine. With densely covered rivers in Foshan area,  Foshan is marked as a special and unique water town in South China. Foshan Ancestral Temple, Xiqiao Mountain, Ancient Nanfeng Kiln, Qinghui Garden, Zaomu Mountain, Nanguo Peach Garden, Chencun Village Flower World and Sanhe Lotus Theme Park are listed as the Best Eight Scenic Spots in Foshan.

Xiqiao Mountain

Xiqiao Mountain is located in Southwest part of Nanhai District in Foshan. The natural view on the mountain is beautiful. It includes several area, such as Nanhai Avalokitesvara Cultural Area (Baofeng Temple), Tianhu Park, White Cloud Cave, Green Jade Cave, Cuiyan Scenic Area, Shiyanyan Scenic Area, Jiulongyan Scenic Area, Peach Flower Garden and Wong Fei-hung Lion Dance Hall, ect.

Sightseeing shuttle bus routes Xiqiao Mountain
►Route A: north entry-Baofeng Temple
►Route B: Baofeng Temple-Tianhu- Nanhai Avalokitesvara Cultural Area-Botanic Garden-Cuiyan-Baofeng Temple
►Route C: Baofeng Temple-Cuiyan-Botanic Garden-Peach Flower Garden-Nanhai Avalokitesvara Cultural Area-Tianhu-Baofeng Temple

What to see in Xiqiao Mountaion
►See the 61.9 meters high Avalokitesvara statue and pray for blessing
►The largest Peach Flower Garden which is suitable for visit in every March
►Wong Fei-hung Lion Dance Hall, where tourist could enjoy the traditional lion dance performance
►Try local Xiqiao Pancake and bean curd pudding

Foshan Ancestral Temple

Foshan Ancestral Temple is located in the city center, surrounded by prosperous commercial districts, with fairly convenient transportation. If you go to visit the ancestral temple from Guangzhou, you just need to take subway and get off at the stop of ancestral temple.

It was built from Bei Song Dynasty. It was developed to a whole and well-preserved local temple complex. It is a must-visit spot in Foshan and just like the landmark of Foshan.

There are audio guides rent in Foshan Ancestral Temple. The rental fee is CNY10 per guide per 4 hours. The tourist who would like to rent one need to pay extra CNY100 as deposit. The audio guide is helpful for tourists to know the history and culture of Foshan Ancestral.

What to expect in Foshan Ancestral Temple
►Must-seeing spot as the landmark in Foshan
►The distinctive building, with stone carving, wood carving, brick carving, ceramic sculpture and lime sculputure, which is really worth a visit
►Martial art and lion dance performance every afternoon, which is expected
►Wong Fei-hung Memorial Hall and Yip Man’s Memorial Hall are both here. Chinese Kungfu fans can not miss it.

Qinghui Garden

Qinghui Garden is located in Shunde District, which is the city center of Foshan with convenient transportation. It is regarded as one of the Four Famous Gardens in Guangdong Province. It is in southern China garden style, which is a bit different from the gardens in east China. Although it is also use bridge and stream to decorate the garden, the garden design idea is quite different. In Qinghui Garden, tourist could see beautiful brick carving and colorful glass as the ornaments.


Lotus Theme Park

Lotus Theme Park is in Sanshui district of Foshan, which is a large park for locals and suitable to for a family outing at the weekend with kids. In the park, tourists could see a variety of lotus in summer.


Nanfeng Ancient Kiln

Nanfeng Ancient Kiln is regarded as a Ceramic Museum or Ceramic Park, where tourists could know the ceramic history and culture in Foshshan.