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Gift Ideas for Children: Chinese Gifts, Chinese Souvenirs

What kind of Chinese gifts can you buy for kids? Probably you may get answers like toys, clothes or chopsticks. If you are confused about what to buy for children during your trip in China, this article may help you a lot. Gift ideas for children listed below could help you with no matter gifts for Chinese culture or for fun.

Even though there are so many characteristic Chinese souvenirs you can choose from each place, sometimes you can hardly find the one you really want. You can keep reading and know some gift ideas for children, in order to seek for the most suitable Chinese gifts for kids in each city you’re planning to travel. You can also check the related articles to find your favorite shopping streets.



Young kids could barely say no to toys. It’s common to see toys in the commercial streets, and we guess Chinese dolls and stuffed pandas are good choices for you to buy. Besides, you can find a lot of panda products in Chengdu if your kids love pandas very much.


Dolls can be easily found everywhere, no matter in commercial streets, or inside the gift shops of different attractions. Some of the dolls are really cheap, while some are expensive, such as silk dolls. Besides, if you want to buy some Chinese themed dolls, you can choose Sichuan Opera Dolls when you are in Chengdu, or maybe Beijing Opera Dolls.

Gift ideas for children
Beijing Opera Dolls


Stuffed Pandas

All the words we’ve ever heard from our customers are how much they love pandas when they meet the cute giant pandas. It’s impossible to take a panda home, but you can buy stuffed pandas or other panda products for your kids. Honestly, children will totally love this amazing Chinese souvenirs, so do adults.

Chinese Yo-Yo

As children prefer interesting gifts, Chinese Yo-Yo can be an ideal choice for you. Traditional Chinese Yo-Yo is made of bamboo, which has a long history in China. It will be a challenge for young kids, for older kids, they may want to try some cool skills of tossing and spinning. It’s more common to find in the northern part of China, don’t hesitate to ask your guide if you want to buy the bamboo one.

Go around some famous shopping streets in Beijing, Shanghai or Chengdu, you can find more good options for toys. Gifts with distinctive folk arts may be more special and meaningful.


2.Cultural Souvenirs

If your kids are really interested in Chinese culture, you can consider some Chinese souvenirs like traditional clothes or something that they can learn the splendid culture of China. It’s ok to ask your guide for more local specialties.


You may have this idea in your mind before you go to China, since Qipao is quite suitable as Chinese gift for girls. You can find lots of cute Qipaos in the main cities you’re travelling, especially in Suzhou and Hangzhou. For boys, you can buy some other outfits with Chinese style. It will be an amazing memory to wear special Chinese clothes in their school activities.

Kungfu Costumes

If you have watched some famous Chinese movies with your kids, you might know Bruce Lee or Jackie Chan. You may also want to watch a Kungfu show during your China trip in Beijing or Luoyang, and boys may like Kungfu costumes so much. A local guide may show you where the wholesale markets are, you can find cheaper costumes there.

Opera Masks

Still looking for more cultural Chinese souvenirs? You should really think about Opera masks. We bet you must know about Beijing Opera and Sichuan Opera while learning Chinese culture. Children may like these colorful and cool opera masks and want to try them on. You can also buy some blank masks and let your kids design on their own, which will be fun and educational.

Gift ideas for children
Opera Masks

Training Chopsticks

You may find it difficult to eat by using chopsticks, but kids could start with training chopsticks which are shorter and more easily to use. Those training chopsticks for children are usually held together at the top of each one connecting with a cute figurine, young kids may like this gift, but for teenagers, normal chopsticks in Chinese style will be better. Children will be so proud of themselves once they can use chopsticks smoothly.


3.Educational Gifts

As more and more people start to learn Chinese these years, educational gifts for children have become popular among tourists, especially for children who are willing to learn Chinese. You can ask your local guide for where to buy those stuff in the city you’re staying, because you may not find all of those gifts along the shopping streets, but a local guide may take you to the right place.

Chinese Puzzles

Bilingual puzzles can be perfect gifts for children who are learning Chinese, or have interests on Chinese learning. Series for fruits and animals are suitable for young kids, as there are both Chinese and English with pictures on the puzzles. Children can really learn some Chinese while playing the puzzles.

Chinese Character Blocks

With simplified Chinese, English meaning and cute pictures, Chinese Character Blocks are really useful Chinese gifts for your kids. Play Chinese word game with your kids can be interesting. Except for Chinese Character Blocks, Chinese dominoes and children’s books can also be considered. You can also buy those blocks or dominoes on Amazon, and you can find much cheaper price on Taobao.

Chinese Board Games

Want more educational gifts for learning Chinese? Luckily, you still have more interesting options. Chinese board games must be one of the best gifts for your children, some of them have a long history in China, such as Chinese Chess, Xiangqi in Chinese; Go, Weiqi in Chinese; Chinese Checkers, Tiaoqi in Chinese.

Gift ideas for children
Chinese Chess


4.Resources for Chinese Calligraphy and Painting

For children who are learning Chinese, they may like useful resources for Chinese Calligraphy and Painting. You can choose some writing brushes for children. For writing, the magic cloth for writing calligraphy is a good gift, children can use water as ink and write on it, words will be faded when it’s dry, it’s reusable and convenient.

Gift ideas for children
Writing Brush

Furthermore, artworks of paper-cutting and Chinese Knots can also be good choices. If you are travelling with your kids, you can even take your kids to some workshops to create their own artworks, or take part in some cultural classes to learn more.


Shopping Information You Might Need

Almost every city has several famous shopping streets. Here are some articles about popular shopping streets in major cities of China, which may help you choose a proper shopping place much more easily.


Explore China with Top China Travel

As shopping and eating are really important during your China tour, you’d better make a plan before your trip, so that you can have some time for shopping some Chinese gifts and souvenirs for your family and friends. If you want to know more gift ideas for children, our local experts may help you the best Chinese themed gifts. See tours below for your China tour plan.


You can read more China Family Tours if you have interests. Or you can have a tailor-made tour so that you can have a more flexible schedule for shopping.


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