Top Shopping Paradises in China

TopChinaTravel has specially listed the following Top Shopping Paradises in China for you, aiming to introduce the best shopping cities in China and guide you the way to enjoy your buying-and-selling experience in the country.
Top Shopping Paradises in China

Top 1 Hong Kong

Hong Kong is absolutely the best and most popular shopping paradise of China. It is a place where you can purchase things (home or broad), ranging from the clothes to the watches, from cell phone to jewelry, all the luxurious things as well as elaborate goods. Pay for your bills, it’s not only a buying-and-selling thingy, it would be an experience, a gratification. Hong Kong ranks the first place in top shopping paradises in China.

Where to buy and what to buy:

  • Sogo Causeway Bay for name brand clothing, shoes, cosmetic, luxuries
  • Hong Kong Land-Central/ IFC Mall/The Landmark/World Trade Centre for name brand, luxuries
  • Times Square for Hi-tech production, interior decoration, fashionable clothing
  • Chinese Arts and Crafts (HK) LTD. for jeweler, local handicraft

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China Top Shopping Paradises-Hong Kong

Top 2 Shanghai

Since a hundred years ago, Shanghai, as the best shopping paradise of mainland China, has attracted people from a far. Nowadays, as the financial centre and bustling metropolis of China, it offers various goods worldwide to meets different needs of people, ranging from small articles, local crafts, to international brand clothing, shoes and even luxuries.

Where to buy and what to buy:

  • Huaihai Road for travel souvenirs, local handicraft, name brand clothing, shoes, cosmetic, luxuries
  • Xujiahui Shopping District for electronic items, clothes and accessories
  • The New Shanghai Commercial Center for name brand clothing, shoes, cosmetic, luxuries
  • Yuyuan Market for arts and crafts, souvenirs

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China Top Shopping Paradises-Shanghai

Top 3 Beijing

Beijing is such a place well combined the tradition and modern. From narrow valleys to remote streets, you may find various things and fancy articles that can attract your eyeballs. Shopping there just like a hide-and-seek game. Well, if you go straight to the commercial streets, it’s for sure that you will full load with trophies like fashion clothing, silk products and some other souvenirs.

Where to buy and what to buy:

  • Wangfujing Commercial Street for travel souvenirs, name brand clothing, shoes, cosmetic, leather products, luxuries
  • Xiushui Street for travel souvenirs, Chinese rugs / carpets, Golf equipment, pearls, silk products
  • Qianmen Commercial Street for Quanjude Peking Roast Duck, Chinese herbal medicine Pharmacy, silk and leather products, tea
  • Xidan Commercial District for travel souvenirs, name brand clothing, shoes, cosmetic, leather products, luxuries, local snacks

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China Top Shopping Paradises-Beijing

Top 4 Guangzhou

Guangzhou was once the bustling large wholesaler market of southern China. But with the rapid development of its economy, Guangzhou is now a busy shopping paradise of the area. Guangdong Teem Mall is a large shopping center as well as one of the earliest shopping malls in mainland China. You will find worldwide brand-new goods here, ranging from the clothes to the watches, from cell phone to jewelry, from common brands to luxuries, etc. Guangzhou is also one of important top shopping paradises in China.

Where to buy and what to buy:

  • Beijing Road Pedestrian Street for name brand clothes, local snacks, craftworks, antiquity, Luxuries, Cosmetic
  • Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Street for local snacks and traditional local clothing,
  • Hualin Jade Market for jade wares, jewelry

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China Top Shopping Paradises-Guangzhou

Top 5 Shenzhen

According to different levels and consumption habits, the consumption market in Shenzhen has been divided into 8 business circles aiming different customers. Dongmen, Nanshan and North Huaqiang circles are the 3 mains shopping areas, targeting all level consumption. South Renmin, Mid-Shenhua and Huaqiaocheng circles are popular among white collar and fashion fellows, while Bao’an and Long’gan circles are developed markets aiming business customers and nearby dwellings.

Where to buy and what to buy: 

  • North Huaqiang Area for tax-free jewelry, Electronic products, clothing
  • Luohu Commercial City for clothes, jewelry, fashion accessories, traditional craftworks
  • Dongmen Commercial Area for jewelry, handicrafts, toys, fashion clothes

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China Top Shopping Paradises-Shenzhen

Top 6 Sanya/Haikou

Sanya and Haikou are famous holiday destinations of China, and also ideal shopping places for the local specialty and marine handicrafts. Now, owning to the newly established tax-free shops and undergoing Export Tax Return Policy, more and more people are attracted into those two cities to enjoy “buying-and-selling”.

Where to buy and what to buy:

  • Sanya/Haikou Tax-free Shopping Malls for luxuries, name brand clothing, cosmetic, jewelry and jade, leather products, travel souvenirs
  • Jiefang Road for travel souvenirs, local clothing, shoes
  • Sanya First Market for various local products, including all of the seafood and local fruits
  • Hongqi Street for name brand clothing, commodities

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shopping street in sanya——jiefang road

Top 7 Chengdu

Chengdu, is a city of recreations, shopping therefore, is one important part. If you like collect travel souvenirs like Sichuan figured satin or embroidery products, Sichuan Brocade Museum would be a nice place. But if you are looking for a real shopping mall and wanna buy something brandy and luxury, Chunxi Road, Baisheng Shopping Mall and nearby commercial streets will be the best choices.

Where to buy and what to buy:

  • Chunxi Road and Baisheng Shopping Mall for name brand clothing, shoes, cosmetic, luxuries, local snacks
  • Jinli Old Street for antique and local handicraft, travel souvenirs
  • IT and Electronic Square for hi-tech productions
  • Chengdu Lacquer Craft Factory for lacquer products

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China Top Shopping Paradises-Chengdu

Those are the top shopping paradises in China for you to enjoy your shopping time while traveling in China.

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