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Eating Tips in China for Family with Kids

Eating and drinking are really important during your family vacation in China. How to make sure that you can enjoy the delicious Chinese food and get rid of any food safety problems at the same time? Here we have some helpful eating tips in China for family with kids, which may help your family enjoy a better meal time in China.

Beijing Roast Duck
Beijing Roast Duck


1.Learn to Use Chopsticks

For some kids, it can be very funny to learn how to use chopsticks. Buy some Chinese food in China Town or any Chinese restaurant you can find in order to check whether your kids like or not, and get the disposable chopsticks to practice with your kids. They will be so happy to eat with chopsticks on their own after they are in China.

But it’s a challenge for young kids to use chopsticks, they may easily drop food or even play the chopsticks as drum sticks. The other reason is for safety problem, you’d better avoid to give young kids chopsticks in case they poke their eyes.

Even though you can seldom find knives and forks in most of Chinese restaurants, spoons are available everywhere, just ask for spoons if you need. You can also prepare knives and forks for your children ahead of time, or buy in the supermarket after you arrive.

Chengdu Hotpot


2.Food Allergies

The most important thing is about the cooking oil, because peanut oil is widely used in China. You’d better ask before you order if you or your kids have any allergies. And that’s why we suggest you to have a private tour for your family vacation in China, the guide could arrange the best choices of food for your family and explain the ingredients from the dishes for you, so that you don’t have to worry too much.

Food allergies can be one of the most essential one among all the eating tips in China for family with kids, for most of Chinese people don’t have allergies problems. Eating with kids in China should be cautious so that your family will have a better experience. Here we advise you to prepare some medicine for allergies before your trip.


3.What to Eat with Kids

You have a bunch of choices while eating with kids in China, there are too many famous and palatable Chinese dishes. What you have to pay attention must be raw food, we suggest not to eat vegetables or meats which are not well cooked. Moreover, avoid spicy food if your kids can’t take it.

Don’t miss Noodles. Each place has different but delicious noodles with unique flavor, you should have a try. Also, try Hotpot which can be not spicy, because Hotpot is really popular among Chinese people. Other food like Dumplings, Spring Rolls and Dim Sums are also worth trying.

Xiaolongbao in Shanghai


4.Street Food

Street food is really common to find in China, no matter which city you visit. You may probably worry if the street food is clean to eat, or if your kids will get sick. No worries about the street food if well cooked, you should at least take a try, because it will be a great experience to seek for something new to eat along the food streets with your kids.

Meanwhile, you can definitely see people queuing for kinds of local snacks, don’t hesitate to have a try, because it’s really a pity to miss delicious snacks with high reputation. Eating with kids in China can be fun and adventurous. But our suggestion for young kids is to eat less street food, especially deep-fried food with too much oil.

Sugar Coated Fruits on a Stick
Sugar Coated Fruits on a Stick


5.In the Restaurant

If your kids are too young, we recommend to eat in the restaurant, which will be more comfortable for your family.


enlightenedHow to choose a good restaurant for family with kids?

Search some recommended restaurants online when you make your family travel plan and you can also read their reviews which may include pictures. If you don’t want to waste your time on it, just go to the busiest one, local people know more about where the best food are.

enlightenedHow to order your food?

Chinese words are not what you can guess, it’s hard to order by yourself. A private tour seems much better, because the guide can help you order dishes you like to eat and also introduce you the way they cook. Just pick recommendations or what look good on the menu if you have no ideas what to order.

enlightenedWhat to do before you start to eat?

  • Wash the tableware. Usually the plates, cups and bowls in the restaurant are wrapped together inside the plastic bag and have been disinfected, but Chinese people will wash them with hot water before they use, just in case.
  • Get your kids occupied. You may have to wait for a while before the dishes are ready, it’s necessary to let your kids have something to do so that they won’t play around the table. Remember to always keep an eye on your kids.


6.Drinking Water

Do not drink tap water in China. Tap water is not drinkable in any places of China, and Chinese people usually drink boiled water. It’s better to bring your own water bottle and fill water in your hotel. And bottled water can be easily to buy everywhere if you need, it’s convenient to buy drinks because there are many small stores along the streets.

When you eat in the restaurant, they usually serve you boiled water or tea, you can ask for cold water or order other drinks for your family.

For family with kids, you can consider to go to a milk tea shop, there are numerous shops along the street, with all kinds of juice and milk tea. Kids may totally love the taste.


7.Western Food 

What if we don’t get used to eat Chinese food? Don’t worry, KFC and McDonald’s are easily to find in most of cities. You can also find western restaurants in some big cities. Actually, you will love Chinese food, so do your kids.


Create Your Unique Family Vacation in China

A wonderful family vacation in China is supposed to be enjoyable for both visual and taste. Check tours below if you have no ideas how to plan your family tour to China.


You can read more China Family Tours for some inspirations. Or you can customize your unique China family tour at Free Online Tailor-made Tour, we are looking forward to helping you create a unforgettable memory in China with your family and kids.


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