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Why to Choose Private Tour for Family Vacation in China with Kids

Why to choose private tour for family vacation in China with kids? Well, China is really a big country with so many family-friendly attractions to visit and countless kids-friendly things to do, so that choosing a private tour may definitely help you enjoy more fun during your family vacation in China, without too many worries. Read on to know more reasons for choosing a private tour in China for your family.

Forbidden City
Forbidden City in Beijing


1.No Rushing or Waiting.

When travelling with a group, usually you can’t go to the next attraction until all the people in the group are ready. As a result, much of your time will spend on waiting. Meanwhile, in order to finish the tour plan on that day, you have to finish in a hurry if someone is late.

For private tour, you don’t need to wait for other people, or to finish your visit in a hurry in order to catch up with others. It means that there is no need to keep up with anyone else, you can just follow your own pace, start and finish whenever you want to. By the way, your kids may not want to get up too early. With your own private tour, you can totally control your time, both you and your kids will get a better sleep.

Giant Panda
Giant Panda


2.Flexible Schedule.

For a group tour, there is only one schedule for the whole group, so that all the people get the same time to start and finish the tour, along with the same attractions and activities. Sometimes you want to stay in one attraction for a longer time because you really like it, but there is limited time for each place, that will be a pity not staying as long as you want.

Why to choose private tour for family vacation in China with kids? One of the most important reason is that you can choose any attractions you like to visit and stay there as longer as you want. Since you have kids with you, less attractions will be arranged so that kids won’t get too tired, and you can finish your tour once you or your kids want to have a rest earlier for that day.

Xi'an City Wall
Xi'an City Wall


3.Customized Tour Plan with High Quality.

The tour plan for a group tour is worked out to be suitable for all the people in the group. In other words, that plan may have been used for years, regardless of who you are and where you come from. All the places to go and things to do are scheduled as routines for the guide.

The tour plan of a private tour in China will be customized according to your requests, focus on your preference. You can enjoy a better trip with a high-quality tour plan. Also, the guide can get to know your family better, you will have a great time with the personalized service for your family.


4.Order Whatever You Like to Eat.

If you join a group tour during your family vacation in China, all of you will probably get the same food for lunch during your trip, unless you have special requirements for the food.

If it’s a private tour, you can totally have whatever you like to eat. Just let us know what you like and we will arrange the best choices for the food during your family vacation in China. Moreover, the reason why a private tour is better for your family is the guide would be able to introduce your family all the ingredients from the dishes and also Chinese food culture.


5.More Relaxing and Enjoyable.

When travelling with your kids, you need to always keep an eye on your kids, so that they won’t get lost in the crowds. What you care the most may be all about how your kids feel. Joining a private tour for family vacation in China with kids can be more relaxing and enjoyable, for both adults and kids.

With the guide accompanying, you always have one more person to take care of your kids, so that you can take a breath every now and then without worrying about your kids, enjoy your own time when your kids ask the guide questions about local culture.

Rickshaws in Hutong


6.Family-friendly Hotel.

Every time you go out for a family vacation, choosing the hotel is always not an easy thing, because not every hotel is quite suitable for family with kids. It’s annoying to pick one hotel among countless hotels, since you have to spend a lot of time on searching information for a good area, checking each hotel for the facilities and reading reviews from other guests.

For a private tour, our professional travel consultant will select the best choices for family with kids according to your preference, which may save your time without worries. You could not only get a really good sleep, but also enjoy the time staying in the hotel with your kids.


7.Comfortable Private Car for Your Family.

A private car is much more comfortable for your family, especially if you have kids with you. We could prepare baby car seat if you need, so that you don’t have to worry about the safety problem on the road. And you can decide when to start your tour and when to go back to your hotel if your kids get tired, without waiting for others.


8.Discover the Best of China Smoothly.

As China owns a long history, splendid culture and extraordinary sceneries, there are incalculable things worth doing in China. You definitely want to find something interesting for both you and your kids to do, and know more about China at the same time. However, a group tour may not be available to arrange for so many kids-friendly things for your family.

On the contrary, a private tour in China will be more than suitable for both adults and kids to have fun. Travelling with a local expert means you can have a chance to get closer to Chinese culture and know more about the local customs, because more fun and educational activities can be scheduled for your kids.

The Great Wall
The Great Wall

Instead of answering questions from different people in the group, your kids will have the chance to ask whatever they want to know about Chinese history or local culture. Don’t hesitate to choose a private tour for your family to discover the best of China smoothly.  


Easily Explore Real China with Your Family

Among all the reasons for why to choose a private tour for family vacation in China with kids, the most important one must be a better experience for travelling, no matter for adults or kids to have fun and enjoy the tour. You can check tours below to find some good ideas for your upcoming family tour to China.


Read more China Family Tours for some inspirations. Or you can also customize your unique China family tour here at Free Online Tailor-made Tour, we are looking forward to helping you explore the real China more easily with your family and kids.


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