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Things to Know before Going to China with Kids

China is a kids-friendly destination which is highly recommended by families. You may have concerns on safety issues or other stuff while making your family tour plan. Here are some important things to know before going to china with kids. Read on to know more tips so that you could start your family tour to china more smoothly.

Forbidden City
Forbidden City


1.Safety – Is travelling in China safe?

Safety issue must be what you concern the most among all the things to know before going to China with kids. Actually, you don’t have to worry about it too much since China is really a safe country which is also a family-friendly destination for you to have a family vacation. It’s also safe to go out at night in China, so don’t be afraid to put some best things to do at night with your kids on your bucket list. But you should always keep an eye on your kids in case they get lost in the crowds.


2.Food and Drinks – KFC, McDonald’s and Starbucks are easily to find.

You may worry that your kids don’t get used to eat rice or Chinese food before travelling to China. Our suggestion is do not stress out, kids will totally love those delicious Chinese snacks. Meanwhile, you can easily find KFC, McDonald’s and western restaurants in most of cities in China. Just pay attention to food allergies, it’s better to let your guide know as early as possible.

Tap water is not drinkable in China. You can bring your own water bottle and fill your water bottle in your hotel. You can also buy bottled water in the markets or any stores along the streets. Juice and milk tea shops are everywhere, kids may love to have a try.

Sugar Coated Fruits on a Stick
Sugar Coated Fruits on a Stick


3.Medication – Do I have to prepare some medicine?

Sure. For travelling to China with kids, you’d better prepare some medicine for emergency use, no matter for cold, fever, or allergies. Although it’s convenient to find a pharmacy, the staff may not speak English very well, so that it’s hard to get what you really need, on the other hand, you can’t read Chinese on the description. We suggest you to have body check for both you and your kids before travelling to China.


4.Language – No need to worry about language.

It’s totally fine if you don’t speak or read Chinese. There are signs in English when you arrive at the airport, also in the streets and stations. And you can hear the English reminder while taking bus and metro. Furthermore, some Chinese people can speak English, don’t hesitate to ask someone if you have trouble, Chinese people are nice and will be happy to help you.

Generally speaking, language will not be a problem during your family vacation in China. But a local English-speaking guide will be really helpful, they can also help you better understand Chinese culture and customs.


5.Bathroom – Squat toilets are more common than western toilets.

You’ve definitely heard about bathroom issue in China before. Squat toilets are more common in China, but you can find western toilets in some hotels and attractions from major cities in China. Just remember to prepare toilet paper and wipes in your backpack, because there is no toilet paper in the public bathrooms, bring hand sanitizer as well since there is no soap. Children may need some help when they use squat toilets.


6.Tickets for Kids – By ages or heights?

Just note that tickets for kids to attractions in China are priced by heights of children, not ages. Better to check the requirements from each attraction you are planning to visit ahead of time, usually kids will be asked to have adult tickets if they are taller than 1.2 meters.

Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding
Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding


7.Selfies – It’s up to you.

Sometimes Chinese people find your kids so adorable and want to have selfies with them, it’s up to you if you are fine with it when they ask to take a picture with your family or your kids. Just be aware of it because kids will catch a lot of attention when travelling to China, you can talk about this with your kids before your trip.

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8.Stroller – You can bring a stroller.

You can bring stroller for your kid, but it may not be available to use everywhere, so that you may need to leave the stroller at hotel. A carrier will be better for little kids, and notice that there are no seat belts in the back seats of some taxies, so that it’s better to hold your baby when you take taxi.

Travelling with Top China Travel will be an ideal choice for family with kids, we could arrange infant car seat for you so that you don’t have to worry about anything while taking a car.


Explore China with Top China Travel

Honestly, a family tour with a local guide will give you and your kids a better experience in China. Professional travel consultants from Top China Travel will be so pleased to help you with your family travel plan, including all the kids-friendly places to go, best things for kids to do and things to know before going to China with kids.

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