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How to Get to Zhangye from Dunhuang

Travel from Dunhuang to Zhangye

Where is Zhangye and Dunhuang

Zhangye  is a prefecture-level city in the northwest of Gansu province, about  504 kilometers away from Lanzhou, and close to Wuwei,  Jiuquanand Zhangye. It is an important town along the Silk Road, and also an ancient with military importance. As a tourist’s destination, it is famous for its Danxia landform and ancient buildings.

Dunhuang is located in northwestern Gansu province, borders on Xinjiang province, and close to Jiuquan and Urumqi. It is a major town along the ancient Silk Road, and  best known for Mogao Grottoes.


How to Get to Zhangye from Dunhuang

The distance from Dunhuang to Zhangye is about 593 kilometers, which takes about 6 hours in case of driving. From Dunhuang to Zhangye, there are three options for tourists.

Option 1: Train(Recommended)

Every day there are four trains leaving for Zhangye from Dunhuang, and all of them are fast train, and travels about 7 hours. The trains start at Dunhuang Railway Station and stop at Zhangye Railway Station. Dunhuang Railway Station is located in Mogao, Dunhuang, and about 11 kilometers from the downtown. To Dunhuang Railway Station, you could take a bus at Silu Yiyuan Hotel which goes directly to the railway station, and it costs 3 yuan for a ticket. Or you could take a taxi, and the taxi fare is about 30 yuan. Zhangye Railway Station is located in Chenghe road, Ganzhou district, and about 10 kilometers  away from downtown. No. 1 public bus is available for passengers to go to downtown.

Here is some  information about trains from Dunhuang to Zhangye.

Train No. Departure Arrival Duration Hard Seat/ CNY Hard Sleeper/ CNY Soft Sleeper/ CNY
K43 Dunhuang 07:30 Zhangye 14:52 07:22 81 144 222
K369 Dunhuang 09:12 Zhangye 16:28 07:16 81 144 222
K5675 Dunhuang 18:25 Zhangye 01:31 07:06 81 144 222
K9663 Dunhuang 18:46 Zhangye 02:08 07:22 81 144 222

Option 2: Bus

Long distance bus from Dunhuang to Zhangye is available, but the bus is little in number. The bus starts from Dunhuang Bus Station and stop at Zhangye, which travels a distance of 630 kilometers and costs 133 yuan for a ticket.

Option 3: Car Rental

If you are in a large group of 7 or 8 or more, with a large budget, you could charter a car from Dunhuang to Zhangye, which will cost about 1,800-2,000 yuan. Of course, you could book a transfer service from a travel agency. Topchinatravel offers such a transfer service to tourists. If you prefer, we could arrange a tour guide for you.

Option 1 is recommended to tourists who travel alone and with a tight budget, which is safe and cheap compared to other options. Option 3 are recommended to tourists in a group, which would be more reasonable in price for group tourists. Chartering a car is more flexible and comfortable.



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