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Best Time to Visit China

Generally speaking, except for some special destinations such as Harbin, the recommended months to travel in China are from April to October. During this period, the weather in most parts of China is comfortable. It provides a good condition to take beautiful photos. 

Actually it is hard to say the Best Time to Visit China, as it is a vast country with broad territory. From the frozen months to the hottest months, different parts of China will show people different charms of the country. Here we’d like to share some information on the best time to travel to China, aiming to help you plan your China tours.


Best Time to Travel to Northern China

The cold winter may cause an unsatisfied travel in this region, but people who would like to experience a world of snow can consider this area. Try to avoid the spring time to come here. The sandstorm will make you have no mood to travel around. Summers and autumns are the golden times to visit, while plentiful rainfalls refresh the air and the splendid sceneries will represent their highlights during these seasons.
Recommended Destinations to Visit Northern China:
Beijing: spring and autumn will be the best time to visit, but Spring Festival period is also a hot season for tourists who plan to have a Chinese New Year experience.
Chengde: Summer Resort in Chengde will be a good choice to get rid of the summer heat. So summer is the best time to Chengde.

Harbin: the famous Harbin International Ice Art Festival tells us the best time to visit Harbin can be the winter days, especially from late Dec to Jan.
Best time to travel to china—Harbin
(Snowtown, Harbin, China)

Best Time to Travel to Central China

According to the weather situation in this region, we suggest that June through August is a good time to visit central China. Although the spring and autumn days are good choices to come, please remember to avoid the peak time during Chinese public holidays in some destinations.
Recommended Destinations to Visit Central China:
Xian: one of the top ancient capitals in China. Most attractions in Xian are museums, so the best time to Xian can be all year around, while April to October is the best period.
Luoyang: Peony Festival in Luoyang is held in annual April, so the best time to Luoyang can be spring days.
Datong and Pingyao: these two ancient cities in Shanxi are popular with both domestic tourists and international visitors. So try to avoid Chinese domestic travel peak time such as Golden Week, summer holidays, winter holidays, etc.

Yangtze River: spring and autumn are the best seasons for taking a Yangtze River cruise. See more details in When is the best time to visit Yangtze River.
Best time to travel to china-- XIAN
(Terracotta Warriors, Xian, Shaanixi,China)

Best Time to Travel to Eastern China

Because of the fine natural conditions and faster developed paces in the eastern parts of China, cities in this area can be great to travel all year around. Best time for visiting is also from spring to autumn, especially in April, May, June, Sep, and Oct. One thing that you should pay attention is that rainy days will be more frequent.
Recommended Destinations to Visit Eastern China:
Shanghai: a big city with modern architectures of China, temperature in spring and autumn will be satisfied. Shanghai is also a place with snow scene in recent years.
Suzhou and Hangzhou: the most beautiful period in Suzhou will be March to May. You can see “misty region of southern Yangtze River” in this period.

Huangshan: Huangshan is a place that shows its charms all year around. Huangshan expresses different scenes in four seasons. You will not be regret to visit Huangshan in any time. One thing should be paid attention: in winter, Huangshan tour may be canceled if the road to Huangshan is frozen.
Best time to travel to china--SHANGHAI
(The Bund, Shanghai, China)

Best Time to Travel to Western China

Compared to the rest of China, the western China has a relatively slower pace of life style. This is a vast land possessing large amount of natural resources and well-preserved natural resorts, of which many haven’t been spoiled by tourism yet, due to their remote locations and lacking of convenient accesses.

Western China doesn’t have pleasant weather all the year round as what it is in the southern and eastern China. Days with fine weather here are in a shorter period. Generally speaking, summer will be the best time, April to September to be specific. Sunscreen and long sleeves clothing are recommended to pack.
Recommended Destinations to Visit Western China:
Tibet: a popular destination for foreign tourists in China due to its natural beauty in Nyingchi, Nagqu and needless to say the world highest Mountain——Mt.Everest; its mysterious and charming culture stands by the Potala Palace in Lhasa, Jokhang Temple and plenty more. Foreign visitors shall avoid traveling to Tibet in March as it is closed according to Tibet government regulations. Mid April to July will the best summer time for Tibet.
Zhangye: a place famous for its unique Danxia landform scenery, one of the most beautiful places in China and also an important historical city along the ancient silk road. Best time to visit is during June to September; when it has more rain and it is more comfortable for tourists to travel as it is less dry.
Dunhuang: a place famous for its UNESCO World Cultural Heritage——the Mogao Grottoes, an important stop for traders along the ancient silk road. Best time to visit is during May to October.
best time to visist china——Potala Palace, Lhasa ,Tibet, China
(Potala Palace, Lhasa, Tibet, China)

Best Time to Travel to Southern China

Due to the high temperature in southern parts of China, spring and autumn are the best months for traveling in this region. In spring, warm air, green trees and colorful flowers make the areas vigorous. In autumn days, the cool air, clean rivers and grand mountains impress people deeply.
Recommended Destinations to Visit Southern China:
Guilin and Yangshuo: famous for its picturesque landscape, best time to visit Guilin can be spring and autumn, while it is a hot destination welcomed countless visitors all year around.
Yunnan: cities including Lijiang, Dali and Shangri-La will show their charms between April to October.
Zhangjiajie: a famous travel destination in China, Wulingyuan Natural Reserve is included in the world heritage list and Zhangjiajie National Forest Park is the frist national park in China.
Chengdu and Jiuzhaigou: Chengdu is the hometown for pandas and Jiuzhaigou is definitely a must-see place in your China trip.
Guizhou: Guizhou is a minority area so that the best time to visit can be spring time which boasts lots of ethnic festivals.
Hong Kong: this big and international city is always popular without any pause moment from visitors. So just go to Hong Kong in any time without hesitation.
best time to travel to china-- guilin
(Guilin, Guangxi, China)

Still not sure about when to come to China? No worries, one of the most important things is that do not hesitate to discuss with our travel advisors. Our professional suggestions will help you to work out a better itinerary with a favorable quotation and a most pleasant period to begin your Chinese journey. Go for a tailor-made tour now! 

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