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Best Time to Visit Tibet

Influenced by different and complicated weather, it is not always suitable to visit Tibet all around the year. Here, TopChinaTravel would like to share some information about the best time to travel to Tibet, aiming to help you to explore the different beauty of this mysterious land.

When is the Best Time to Visit in Tibet?

Generally speaking, the golden season for traveling is from May to October. During this time, according to scientific statistics the weather is fine and pleasant and the density of oxygen is the highest. In addition, several Tibetan traditional folk festivals are also celebrated in this season, such as the Shoton Festival (on Tibetan July 1st to July 5th), Buddha Unveiling Festival and Nakchu Horse Race Festival. These festivals provide tourists a perfect chance to get profound understanding of Tibetan culture and immense in.

Visit Lhasa, Shigatse and Tsedang in Any Season at will

In fact, the best time to visit Tibet depends on many factors and it varies with different regions. Lhasa, Shigatse and Tsedang (Shannan) are equipped with convenient facilities for tourists, and most places of interest in these cities are historical or cultural attractions. People can visit them in any season at will. Winter is okay as well. In winter, when there is only a small tourist volume, it is easy to get discounts in hotels, ticket offices, and airports. You will be more enjoyable with few visitors.

Visit Southeastern Tibet (Nyingchi Region) in Any Season at Will

Renowned for its picturesque natural scenery, southeastern Tibet, especially Nyingchi Region, is fascinating throughout the whole year. Roads there are also in good condition, so tourists can list it in their itinerary at any time.

best time to visit tibet - nyingchi yarlung zangbo grand canyon

Visit Northern Tibet in May to July and September to October 

In northern Tibet such as Nagqu, the wind is too strong in spring. Roads are too likely to be blocked by landslides in summer and are too treacherous in winter owing to the heavy snowfall. So May to July and September to October are best seasons to visit the northern Tibet. It is also the reason why we should avoid summer and winter to travel in the border area in the south.

best time to visit tibet - nagqu namtse lake

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To find out the best time to go, you should firstly work out your itinerary and then decide your time according to the information above. Or if you have decided your dates already, the information we provided above may help you make a proper itinerary. If you still have no idea of the best of visit, welcome to email us: sales@topchinatravel.com at any times!