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Global China High-speed Rail

Competitiveness of China High-speed Rail

China's high-speed rail has grown rapidly in recent years, setting up the world's largest high-speed rail network in China and going abroad to build high-speed railways for many countries around the world.

What are the advantages of China's high-speed rail?

First, the advanced, safe and reliable technology. China has so far successfully owned the world advanced technology of high-speed rail integration, construction, equipment manufacturing and operation management. They have the strength to go abroad in group and can challenge any competitors.

Second, the high quality & reasonable price. According to calculation, the average cost of a foreign enterprises to build high-speed rail is more than $0.5 million per kilometer. But in China, the cost is only about half, and the construction efficiency of Chinese enterprises is more than double that of foreign enterprises.

In terms of safety performance, the Chinese standard is basically the same as the European standard, and the construction standard is much higher than the European standard.

Third, the rich operation experience. At present, China has more than 1,300 high-speed trains, ranking the world's largest. The trains cover speeds of 200-380 km/h and have the most complete range. The total operation mileage of emu is about 1.6 billion kilometers.

Fourth, the high efficiency and strong delivery capability. The complete industrial chain of China railway, including the upstream and downstream industry, is very developed, which is impossible for the general foreign manufacturers.

Chinese workers are highly productive which ensures the timeliness of product delivery. To make a same train, a foreign manufacture will spend 18-22 months, but it will only take up to 12 months for a Chinese company.

China High-speed Rail in Turkey

China High-speed Rail in Turkey

An-Yi high-speed rail refers to the high-speed rail line that links Ankara, Turkish's capital, to the city of Istanbul. The line is 533 kilometers long in total and designed with a speed of 250 km/h. It was completed and opened to traffic on July 25, 2014.

This is the first high-speed railway built by Chinese companies overseas, which is of great strategic significance to the promotion of China's high-speed railway "going global".

China High-speed Rail in the US

China High-speed Rail in the US

The XpressWest in the US is the first high-speed project of Chinese companies in the US. The route, starting from Las Vegas, Nevada, to Victory Valley and Palmdale, and then end in Los Angeles, is 370 kilometers in total. The total estimated investment of it $12.7 billion. The construction commenced at the end of September 2016.

China High-speed Rail in Moscow

China High-speed Rail in Moscow

Moscow - Kazan high-speed rail refers to the high-speed railway from Moscow to Beijing, which is over 7,000 kilometers long. The route, which runs through Russia, Kazakhstan and China, will create a "Mosco-Beijing" Eurasian high-speed transport corridor. The railway will be designed with a speed of up to 400 km/h. It is the veritable "first speed" of ground railway.

China High-speed Rail in Indonesia

China High-speed Rail in Indonesia

The Ya-Wan high-speed rail will connect Djakarta, the capital of Indonesia, with its fourth largest city, Bandung. According to a report jointly prepared by the two countries, the total length of the line will be about 150 kilometers, with China's technology, Chinese standards and Chinese equipment to be adopted, with a design speed of 250-300km/h. After completion of this high-speed rail, the journey from Jakarta to Bandung will be reduced to about 40 minutes.

China High-speed Rail in Mexico

Mo-Ke high-speed rail in Mexico refers to the high-speed rail line that connects the city of Mexico and Queretaro. It is Mexico's largest infrastructure project to date, built overseas by China railway. The core technologies such as the train control system will adopt Chinese high-speed railway technology. The total length is 210 kilometers with the design speed of 300 km/h, and the construction period is 40 months.

But this high-speed rail project was stranded after Mexico cancelled the contract unilaterally on November 10, 2014.

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